Powder Handling Systems for Pharmaceuticals

Matcon specializes in providing complete powder and tablet handling equipment solutions for manufacturers of OSD and API pharmaceuticals.

Powder Handling

IBCs from 50L to 3500L enable reliable feed of powders & granules to tablet compression or roller compaction without risk of powder segregation.


Tablet Handling

A single Tablet IBC can replace multiple drums & offers fast automatic filling capabilities, whilst gently handling tablets & capsules.



Cone Valve IBCs have the unique ability to be able to handle the solvent rich, “wet cake” solids between the centrifuge and drying processes.

We understand the challenges faced by manufacturers of specialist pharmaceutical products.

Your Challenges

How to improve productivity and quality to meet the competitive marketplace demands whilst adhering to strict regulations.

Overcoming materials handling issues such as powder flow problems and blend segregation.

Our Experience

We have more than 30 years’ experience working with leading, branded and generic pharma manufacturers around the world.


How we can help

We size the IBCs to match throughput demands & with automation, handling of IBCs is reduced to a minimum.

We optimise your materials handling system to meet the needs of the process and facility throughput objectives.

Our Approach

In partnership with you we devise the optimum system – whether it is for a new facility or upgrading an existing process.


In Detail

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Powder Handling Equipment for Pharmaceuticals

The unique Cone Valve technology in each Matcon IBC protects against the segregation of blend, vital at each of the processing steps.

Wet Granulation
Collecting Lots
Dry Granulation
Tablet Press

Knowledge Hub

We have created this Knowledge Hub to help you understand more about your powders and how to improve your day to day processes.


Discover how a change in materials handling can give manufacturers an ‘edge’ over their competitors.


Tablet Manufacturing Equipment

The Matcon Tablet Handling IBC system enables efficient & gentle handling of tablets in bulk.

Tablet IBCs
Tablet Press
Primary Packing
Tablet Inspection

API Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions

Our IBCs have the unique ability to handle the solvent-rich ‘wet cake’ solids between the centrifuge and drying processes, as well as the powders before reaction and after drying. This enables the contents of any reactor to be transferred to any dryer using our IBCs.

It is this flexibility of production, combined with the ability to discharge a wide range of API bulk solids that has made Matcon the choice for many major pharmaceutical API companies.

We acknowledge that the structure of API systems can vary and tend to be quite bespoke.  If you’re interested in finding out what we have to offer, then please do get in touch.

Companies we work with

Learn about the companies currently using Matcon Powder Handling Systems to optimise their production efficiency and profitability.