Equipment For Nutraceuticals Manufacturing

We provide nutraceuticals manufacturers with the equipment needed to improve flexibility and production capacity. Increasing operational effectiveness.

Your Challenges

An increase in diverse recipes and product portfolios means more changeovers during a shift. This significantly impacts on active production time.

Many powders used in nutraceuticals products are notoriously difficult to handle and can be sticky and poor flowing. Some of these powders can segregate during discharge.

More and more, recipes need to be allergen free or diet specific, which will result in extra time time being spent carrying out 
thorough clean-downs.

Our Experience

Our team have been working with the largest providers of nutraceutical products around the globe.

We’re experts on designing systems that allow manufacturers to grow by increasing production output and enabling them to widen their product portfolio without the risk of cross-contamination across batches.


How we can help

Matcon IBC systems are designed to optimise your production line and make it more flexible. As all process steps can take place  simultaneously you become more efficient. 

Our unique Cone Valve Technology, within the IBC protects your blended powders during the discharge process. This means your products keep their integrity and quality.

IBC blending means that you spend less time cleaning and significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination across your product lines.

Our Approach

Our team of engineers, design and manufacture a wide range of IBC systems for both start-up businesses and more complex multi-mixer and packing line configurations.

The modular design can be extended as needed. This means that you can grow your system as you develop and increase your product range or output.


Powder handling systems for Nutraceuticals

An IBC system with effective powder mixing equipment will help you increase efficiency from the time you get started. As each of the key processing steps are decoupled, your manufacturing options become more flexible allowing you to produce a range of recipes using protein powders and additional supplements.

Manufacturing System Modules

A Matcon powder handling system is built around Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). These become the vessels in which your powders are transported between manufacturing steps. The IBC also becomes the blending vessel, used within the tumble blender.

As all ingredients are contained within the IBC, it means that your cleaning requirements are greatly reduced between recipe changes. This saves you time, which means more output.


Formulate your recipe offline

Fill the IBCs whilst other processes are taking place.



Mix any recipe, any time.

Reduce the time it takes to clean to enable instant recipe changeovers.



Stop powder mix segregation.

The Cone Valve ensures that your mix is discharged correctly.



Effective cleaning options.

IBCs are cleaned offline resulting in no system down-time.


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Our approach

Our systems are designed for a range of industries including, nutraceuticals production and support innovation to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Matcon's Cone Valve technology ensures that no matter what product you want to manufacture in the future, you continue to have the flexibility to handle the ingredients effectively.


Companies we work with

Learn about the companies currently using Matcon Systems to optimise their production efficiency and profitability.