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Flexible powder handling and processing to increase production

You CAN have Flexibility AND Increase Production

As today’s consumers demand tailor-made products that are delivered quickly, the need for flexibility in the manufacturing process becomes one of the biggest challenges in our industry.

Manufacturers in the food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals sectors must evolve and adapt production methods to respond quickly to customer demands and stay competitive.

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) solve all of these issues through parallel processing and follow the principles of Lean Manufacturing. “Parallel processing” decouples manufacturing steps so that formulation, blending, packing, and cleaning take place simultaneously, maximizing the productive hours of work in the overall manufacturing process.

Fixed powder mixers and blenders (ribbon blenders and paddle mixers) are difficult and time-consuming to clean between recipe changeovers, particularly where different liquids or allergens are involved as part of the recipe.  To counter this, advancements in IBC tumble blender technology now allow manufacturers to use IBCs to quickly change over recipes, add liquids to blends, and reduce the risk of allergen cross-contamination with improved containment.

If short lead times and small order sizes are a daily challenge for your operators or if you are looking to grow your market share in an ever-changing market, then this webinar session is for you.

Topics in this webinar session include:

  • How to “decouple” your process steps for parallel processing
  • How to minimize downtime between product changeovers
  • How to create a lean, responsive manufacturing system that can respond to customer demands on short lead times and small order sizes without increasing costs
  • The advantages of a de-coupled powder handling system
  • Getting beyond parallel processing and IBCs – adding liquid, high shear mixing capability
  • Maintaining recipe batch integrity

Presentation title: 'You CAN have Flexibility AND Increase Production' is presented by Shambrae Starr.

Shambrae Starr is currently a Regional Sales Manager with Matcon covering the Midwest states over to Northern California and up into Canada. Through the years, she has been fortunate enough to have gained a wide variety of experience by representing companies directly or as a Manufacturer’s Rep in the areas of packaging, palletizing, conveying, mixing, pneumatic conveying, and dust collection.

To watch the video presentation please click on the image below:

Learn more about Powder Handling and Increase Production Efficiencies

For more information on the equipment and processes covered in this video please contact the Matcon team, or visit our knowledge hub for more related guides, whitepapers, and videos.

Improve Manufacturing Flexibility  with Better Blending: How to create a manufacturing system  that gives you a competitive advantage Download the free whitepaper

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