Lean Manufacturing

Eliminate waste and improve efficiencies with flexible & agile IBC Powder Handling Systems.

With a powder handling system that enables lean manufacturing, you can improve efficiencies, reduce your overall manufacturing costs, get it right the first time every time and increase the return on your investment.

Using the Matcon IBC method of manufacturing, shorter runs can be produced as changeovers are quicker and simpler. This means you can ‘make to order’ with small inventory levels and minimal WIP. You will also cut waste, leading to a higher return on the materials you purchase.

Break the Chain

The decoupled nature of the system gives total flexibility and the agility to respond rapidly to changing customer needs.

Matcon Tumble Blender for Powder Mixing

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What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing for Powder Handling and Processing means eliminating anything that does not create value for the end product. Traditional methods of manufacturing often contain hidden wastes (The Deadly Sins of Waste) these are:

  • Overproduction – no need for WIP to maintain flow with an IBC system.
  • Waiting – loading and emptying coupled fixed mixer systems means the whole system has to wait. IBCs enable all process steps to operate simultaneously for high OEE rates.
  • Transporting – ergonomic systems are easier to create which reduce material movements.
  • Unnecessary Inventory – ‘make to order’ not campaign runs which risk stock spoilage.
  • Unnecessary motion – with appropriate design the IBC system can achieve good process flows.
  • Defects - quality issues mean whole campaigns are scrapped. With the Matcon Cone Valve, blend segregation is avoided for a quality product every time.
Matcon IBCs can be used to de-coupled the powder processing stages
Matcon Cone Valve Technology Brochure

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Find out how IBC Cone Valve Technology could be the solution to your powder handling problems by downloading our brochure today.


Overcome the common industry challenges

Over the years we have been able to help our customers to adapt and grow with the ever changing needs of their markets.

The Cone Valve Solves Powder Handling Issues such as segregation

The unique Matcon Cone Valve means that no matter what recipe or ingredient challenges there are, you can be assured it will handle your powders successfully.

  • Efficiently handle product portfolio variety
  • Improve Quality of finished product
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced material and labour costs
  • Meet strict Regulatory Standards
  • Reduce the cost of finished goods

Lean Manufacturing System Example

Discover how IBC Blending enables fast, effective powder handling by removing the ineffective cleaning processes associated with fixed-line blenders (paddle blenders and ribbon blenders).

IBC Blending Comparison for Lean Manufacturing


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