Bulk Powder Handling Equipment

Discover flexible and agile systems for powder and bulk materials using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). By decoupling each of the key powder processing stages, these can all take place simultaneously 'in parallel'. This means that your production facility can embrace lean manufacturing and become more efficient.

Powder Handling Equipment

Matcon's powder handling equipment allows you to reduce overproduction and waste, safely transport materials with cross-contamination risks, and improve the effectiveness of your operations.

Matcon Intermediate Bulk Containers for Powder Handling

Powder & Bulk Solids Systems


Powder Formulation Systems

Formulate your recipes directly into Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), using either the Matcon Sack Tip unit or the Flexi-batch system.

Due to the decoupled nature of the Matcon system, recipe batches can be formulated 'offline' and added into the process at any time, removing any bottlenecks and promoting lean manufacturing practices.

Matcon’s recipe formulation equipment is hygienic, safe and contained to remove any cross-contamination risks.


Powder Blending and Mixing

Highly effective blending of powder with quick cleaning in between batches – achieve high OEE rates with an IBC Industrial Mixer.

The use of IBCs as the blending vessel means faster loading & unloading of the IBC Tumble Blender, along with no cleaning downtime (as the IBCs are cleaned offline), eliminating the wasted time associated with traditional static mixers.

The Matcon IBC Tumble Blender also provides ‘high shear’ capabilities with the intensifier blade, expanding the boundaries of mixing technology.

Liquid Addition is another revolutionary development enabling the addition of liquids during the blender rotation cycle, without manual intervention or the need to open the blending vessel.

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Powder Discharge

Matcon's Cone Valve Technology overcomes the common powder handling challenges associated with bulk material handling for all applications, the Matcon Cone Valve delivers accurate, mass flow discharge of powders including those that are poor flowing and sticky materials.

Solve the common powder integrity issues such as bridging, rat-holing and segregation.

Automated and accurate as well as safe, hygienic and easy to use.

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Powder Packing Equipment

Providing automated, accurate and controlled feed of powders into powder packing machinery.

The simple design of Matcon's powder packing equipment ensures that manufacturers reduce downtime as change-out parts can be quickly cleaned off-line. Undertake recipe changeovers in minutes not hours.

Reliable, full discharge of a powder mixture from a Matcon IBC using the Cone Valve, ensures that your homogenous blend keeps integrity and your product is accurately formulated into pouches, tubs, bags or further packing line equipment.

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IBC Cleaning Systems

Use automated or manual Air and Water wash options to clean IBCs, ensuring effective levels of cleaning to remove the risk of contamination.

Matcon IBC Systems enable manufacturers of powder-based products to reduce downtime with offline cleaning using a safe, repeatable wash sequence.

Our wet wash and high-pressure air washing options ensure the inside of the IBC is fully washed and dried. These options are particularly valuable in applications including food, infant nutrition and chemical.

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