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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)


We supply world-leading IBCs for the processing, storage and transport of bulk material solids, powders, granules, and tablets.

Our unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC prevents the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, blocking and blend segregation.

Matcon has a range of IBC solutions for effective powder containment, transfer and processing, all designed to meet the demands of your industry.

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Stainless Steel IBCs

Stainless steel Cone Valve IBCs

Designed to meet the highest hygiene and safety requirements, Matcon Intermediate Bulk Containers are manufactured with no enclosed crevices or hollow sections that could trap product or contaminants.

Efficient and dust-tight, they provide a system that lives up to the most rigorous of standards.

The Matcon Cone Valve IBC is manufactured from 316L stainless steel or 304 stainless steel, dependent upon the application.

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Cone Valve IBC features at a glance

Our S series IBCs are manufactured in stainless steel with a surface finish to meet your requirements.

Our unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC prevents the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, blocking, and blend segregation.

Suitable for blending, storage and transportation of powder mixes, the range offers contained dust-tight powder handling.

Each IBC is manufactured with no enclosed crevices or hollow sections that could trap products or contaminants, which enables them to meet the highest hygiene and safety requirements.

The range of stainless steel IBCs includes:

300 - 500 Litres - Small IBC for smaller batch sizes or testing purposes.

1,000 - 2,000 Litres - Most commonly used range of IBC batch sizes.

2,500 - 3,500 Litres - Large scale IBC to match larger batch requirements

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Key benefits of Matcon IBCs

The Matcon Cone Valve IBC enables the creation of an efficient manufacturing system;  from the simple decoupling of fixed mixers to improve capacity, to creating a multi-batch, multi-mixer arrangement.

Our unique Cone Valve technology sits within each IBC and prevents the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, blocking, and blend segregation.

With complete and controlled discharge processes our IBCs can dose to target weights thereby negating the need for ancillary feeders.

Being fully contained and offering dust-free handling there is no risk of cross-contamination, which means our systems are safely used in allergen handling factories.

The easy to clean, hygienic design means that cleaning is thorough and reduces the risk of contaminants re-entering the workflow.


Cone Valve IBC


Manual Cone Valve IBC - Matcon

Manual Cone Valve IBCs

Overcome the problems of mix segregation that are commonly associated with butterfly valve IBCs.

Improve the containment of materials and prevent powder segregation with Manual Cone Valve IBCs.

Designed for handling free-flowing powders used in the Food, Beverage, and Chemical sectors, the manually operated Cone Valve IBC offers superior performance as it provides a mass-flow discharge of free-flowing powders and prevents the segregation of powder mixes.

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An effective butterfly valve alternative

The Matcon Manual Cone Valve IBC contains a manually operated cone valve in the outlet of the IBC. This offers superior discharge compared to butterfly valve IBCs.

The Manual Cone Valve unit comprises a valve body with a single-sided arm that supports a cone valve that is raised using a lever handle. This lever can be locked in the open or closed positions, or at any intermediate position via a locking handle, depending on the desired flow rate of powder discharge.

As the cone valve rises inside the IBC the annular gap created promotes mass-flow of the powders as they exit the IBC.

Key features:

  • EUR-pallet compatible IBC
  • Valve outlet ID 250mm
  • Variable stroke position locking
  • FDA approved seals

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Overcome the problems commonly associated with butterfly valve IBCs

Powders are discharged under mass-flow which protects powder mixes and prevents particle rolling and ingredient segregation.

The Manual Cone Valve IBC offers complete discharge of free-flowing powders. An ideal choice for protecting product mixes such as sugar-based and 3-in-1 beverage mixes, salt-based food ingredients and washing powders.

The MCV IBC provides contained powder handling during transit between manufacturing processes.

Ideal when a simple, cost-effective solution with superior performance to butterfly or slide valve IBCs is required.

Designed for fast assembly and disassembly, the Manual Cone Valve is easy to clean.

The Manual Cone Valve is designed for the Food, Beverage, and Chemical sectors.

For sticky, cohesive powders or where automation is required, we would recommend the Classic Matcon IBC System.

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IBC for Tablets

IBCs for Tablet Handling

Efficient handling of tablets and capsules in bulk.

Matcon’s gentle Tablet Handling system enables efficient handling of tablets and capsules. Whilst, at the same time, the effectiveness of tablet coating, printing, inspection, and packing processes are optimized.

Central to this system is the Tablet IBC with its unique pharmaceutical grade polyethylene construction, tablet spiral, and gentle opening Cone Valve - all designed to avoid tablet damage or breakage.

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Tablet IBC overview

Manufactured from pharmaceutical grade polyethylene with Cone Valve technology in the outlet.

The IBC is suitable for handling tablets (coated and non-coated) & capsules in batches up to 650kg.

Gentle handling of tablets and capsules is achieved with the integrated entry spiral which enables tablets to gently slide into the bin, minimising the drop height, acceleration and impact thereby reducing any risk of damage.

Tablet IBC benefits

These IBCs enable the handling of tablets in larger batches which reduces the labour associated with moving smaller drum containers and making/breaking connections.

Inventory control and traceability can be improved with larger batch quantities.

Gentle filling and discharge processes prevent tablet or capsule damage and wastage.

Easy to clean and suitable for validatable cleaning procedures.

Discharging is done in conjunction with an automated Matcon IBC Tablet Discharge Station that has a gentle opening mechanism and a specially designed outlet to prevent the crushing of tablets.

Easy handling and maneuverability supports automation.

The gentle transfer chute can be deployed to enable the damage-free transfer of tablets between floors.

Connections are closed and contained when not in use.

Polyethylene IBCs

Polyethylene IBC Range

An alternative to stainless steel IBCs the Matcon range of polyethylene Cone Valve IBCs is suitable for blending, storage, and transportation of powder materials.

Fitted with the same Cone Valve technology as the stainless steel range, powders are discharged under mass-flow discharge to prevent segregation of mix. Other powder handling issues of bridging and blocking are also overcome.

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Polyethylene IBC overview

Our R Series IBC comprises a polyethylene bottle supported in a steel framework.  These are commonly used in non-food, non-hygienic applications where the use of a stainless steel IBC would be unnecessary. 

As they are fitted with Cone Valve technology they will protect against segregation, rat-holing, and bridging.

The R Series IBC consists of a square-sectioned, polyethylene bottle, mounted centrally within a steel support frame. The bottle has a round inlet at the top and tapers at the bottom to a round outlet.

The R Series IBC Range

  • Mild or stainless-steel framework

  • White polyethylene container as standard

  • Optional semi-conductive black bottle

  • 500L to 2500L capacities

  • Stackable - 2 IBCs high

  • IBC movement by fork truck, chain
    conveyor or AGV

Solve powder handling issues

As the Cone Valve within the R Series IBC  creates an annular gap through which the powder flows freely under gravity  to ensure you avoid powder handling issues such as:

  • Powder bridging

  • Blend segregation

  • Rat-holing

  • Material degradation 

Matcon's World Leading
Cone Valve Technology

The solution to your powder handling problems.

Achieve accurate, controlled, and contained discharge of materials.

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