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Explore Matcon’s latest powder and bulk material handling insights and technical videos. Discover how companies are increasing their process efficiency and flexibility with a Matcon Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) System.

Cone Valve IBC


Cone Valve Technology

CATEGORY: Cone Valve

Invented by Matcon, Cone Valve technology offers automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type.

Tumble Blender


IBC Tumble Blender


Mix any recipe at any time with Matcon’s IBC Blender. Changeovers are virtually instantaneous for effective blending with no downtime.

IBC Blending Comparison


Blender Comparison


This blending system comparison video provides a visual evaluation of a traditional fixed mixer vs. Matcon’s container-based IBC system.

Wet Wash


IBC Wet Wash System


IBC cleaning equipment is available from simple manual wash lance arrangements spraying the internal surfaces of the IBC.

Matcon Air Wash


IBC Air Washing


The Matcon Air Wash System provides complete inside wash and dry of the IBC without the need to remove the Cone Valve.

Matcon Beverages JL 2020


Beverages Webinar

CATEGORY: Powder Beverages

This webinar explains how using an IBC System is the perfect solution for companies manufacturing instant coffee and beverage mixes.

Dn Dairy Presentation 1


Dairy Webinar

CATEGORY: Dairy Powder Processing

Flexibility and Hygiene in the Dairy industry is a balancing act. In this webinar, we cover the Dairy industries' current trends and challenges.

IA Matcon Pharma Presentation


Pharmaceutical Webinar

CATEGORY: Solid Dosage Powder Handling

This webinar, discusses manual intervention, automated solutions and explains how manufacturers can achieve more effective production practices.

Stern Case Study


SternMaid Case Study

CATEGORY: Food & Beverage Case Study

We explain how a contract manufacturer installed a Matcon IBC System to produce highly customized food products.

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