Power Recipe Formulation

Precise, clean, fast

Reduce waiting times spent in formulating powder recipes for
batch processing.

Benefits of Matcon Formulation Systems

Prevent a slowing down of production flow.

Recipes can be formulated directly into IBCs, which is done off-line and added into the flow of batch processing as required.  Traceability is possible with check weighing capabilities and material tracking.

Sack Tip
(Single Filling Module)

The convenient & neat way to tip powders into single IBCs


(Multiple Filling Module)

Automated recipe batching using multiple IBCs


Supported Industries

Our filling equipment is extensively used in the following industries

Sack Tip Module
(Single Filling Module)

An elegant, dust-tight way to fill IBCs quickly and efficiently from sacks.

Fully contained transfer of material into the IBC reduces the occurrence of spilt or wasted material.  

Bring into the batch processing flow when ready.

Hygienic, easy to clean design for fast changeovers.

Matcon Sack Tip module
Features at a glance

Flatbed vibratory sieve & magnetic grate catch 'tramp' material.

Optional weigh platforms offer check weighing facilities.

Decoupled operation for maximum flexibility.


We want you to make the most of your investment so we support you by offering a full range of original spares and a Maintenance Service.



Using original spare parts ensures reliability and helps to protect your investment. Delivery times are kept minimal to reduce downtime.


Regularly serviced equipment delivers greater efficiency & reliability compared to equipment that is left to run without attention.


Our Account Managers are in an ideal position to provide advice on upgrades that will enable you to maintain your competitive edge.

Flexibatch Module
(Multiple Filling Module)

Flexi Batch Powder Processing and Dosing

An accurate and cost-effective, flexible recipe batch processing system for larger throughput requirements.

Ideal for reducing the time spent in weighing and for minimising the risk of human error in formulation.

The Flexi-Batch formulation system comprises a number of ‘ingredient’ containers located on a framework, with ‘batch’ containers travelling below collecting the ingredients according to programmed batch recipes.   

Features at a glance

Configurations are dependent upon throughput rates, number of raw ingredients & accuracy levels required.

Automated preparation of ingredients from 10-1000kg.

Ability to deliver multiple recipes from one formulation street as contained transfers possible.

Full batch traceability and security.

The Matcon Powder
Handling System

The Matcon system is based on using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to transport powders between manufacturing steps and to blend powders to a homogenous mix.

System Modules

By decoupling the manufacturing steps we enable manufacturers to achieve a flexible manufacturing system.


Mix any recipe, any time.

Eliminate time-consuming cleaning for instant recipe changeovers.



Prevent mix segregation.

Use the IBC Cone Valve for right first time, every time production.



Hygienic design for quick cleaning.

Reduce system down-time with off-line cleaning of IBCs.