Powder Packing Machine

Powder Packing Machine

Clean, fast, reliable

Ensure product quality with reliable powder feeds.

Discover a range of benefits with Matcon's powder recipe packing systems and machines.

The automated, controlled flow of your powder recipes with complete discharge from original Cone Valve IBCs.

The unique Cone Valve technology within the Matcon IBCs prevents powder mix segregation, which is vital when accurately feeding to powder packing machines and third-party equipment.

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Packing Line Refill Module

Discharge the IBC straight into FMCG packing systems without any secondary refill devices.

Automatic and controlled refill, producing a consistent feed, allowing packing lines to maximise their throughput.

Cone Valve technology protects against product segregation during discharge to ensure a quality product every time.

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Packing module features at a glance

High manufacturing efficiency rates are possible as the IBCs provide a constant feed to the packing line hopper.

Fast changeover of IBC means the packing line can be kept running without significant downtime.

Assured product quality as product is transferred without the risk of segregation due to the Cone Valve technology within each IBC.

Consistent feed of product as the Cone Valve technology also protects against bridging and blocking.

Fully contained transfer of materials ensures that no product is spilt or leaks, thereby removing the risk of cross-contamination.

IBC feed to packing module

  • Pack directly from IBC – no need for secondary feeders

  • Fast replenishment of material as IBCs quickly swapped over

  • Constant, consistent flow of material to the packing line feed hopper

  • Simple and quick cleaning

  • Replenish on signal from buffer hopper

Keep the high-speed packing lines working efficiently with a consistent and controlled flow of material.

Our powder packing equipment is extensively used in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Beverages and Mixes
  • Flavourings
  • Infant Nutrition
  • Bakery


Powder Packer Module

Change recipes faster than ever with high accuracy, direct dosing from Matcon IBCs.

Fill into sacks/bags without the need for screw feeders.

Ideal for small campaign runs. Versatile enough to cover a wide range of powder characteristics from cohesive to free-flowing.

Full discharge & protection against segregation due to mass-flow.

Simple to use powder packing machine.


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Eliminate the risk of human error in recipe formulation

If you have a large number of ingredients to assemble for each recipe, you can reduce the amount of time spent in weighing and batching by automating the process.

This also reduces the risk of error in measuring or adding ingredients.

  • Configurations are dependent upon throughput rates, the number of raw ingredients & accuracy levels required.

  • Automated preparation of ingredients from 10-1000kg.

  • Full batch traceability and security.

Automated, Reliable Recipe Batching

  • Easy to strip & clean contact parts.

  • Changeover by Operator, not Engineering.

  • Fill bags 10-25kg at a rate of 1-2 bags/minute.

  • No need for secondary feeders.

  • Additional quality control from optional sifting and metal detection.

Expert Powder Handling

We specialise in providing complete materials handling solutions in the Food, Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Sports Nutrition, Nutraceuticals and Chemical sectors.

We’re not just an IBC provider, but a true partner helping you accomplish the right system for your needs.



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Achieve quick changeovers between recipes
and reduce production downtime when packing
powders into sacks.

Maximise your production capacity.

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