Powder Packing Machine

Clean, fast, reliable

Ensure product quality with reliable powder feeds.

Benefits of Matcon Packing Systems

Automated, controlled flow with complete discharge from  original Cone Valve IBCs.

The unique Cone Valve technology within the Matcon IBCs prevents mix segregation, which is vital when feeding to powder packing machine and third party equipment. 

Packing Line Refill

Optimise packing line throughput with reliable product feeds.


powder packer module

High accuracy bag filling directly from Cone Valve IBCs.


Supported Industries

Our powder packing machine equipment is extensively used in the following industries

Packing Line Refill Module

Discharge the IBC straight into FMCG packing systems without any secondary refill devices.

Automatic and controlled refill, producing a consistent feed, allowing packing lines to maximise their throughput.

Cone Valve technology protects against product segregation during discharge to ensure a quality product every time.

Packing Line refill module for automated and controlled refill
Features at a glance

Consistent, controlled flow.

Maintains homogeneity during discharge due to mass-flow.

Automatic control.

Dust-free transfer to powder packing machine.

Cone Valve protects against bridging, blocking or segregation.


We want you to make the most of your investment so we support you by offering a full range of original spares and a Maintenance Service.



Using original spare parts ensures reliability and helps to protect your investment. Delivery times are kept minimal to reduce downtime.


Regularly serviced equipment delivers greater efficiency & reliability compared to equipment that is left to run without attention.


Our Account Managers are in an ideal position to provide advice on upgrades that will enable you to maintain your competitive edge.

Powder Packer Module

Fast recipe changeover using the Powder Packer

Change recipes faster than ever with high accuracy, direct dosing from Matcon IBCs.

Fill into sacks/bags without the need for screw feeders.  Ideal for small campaign runs.

Versatile enough to cover a wide range of powder characteristics from cohesive to free-flowing.

Full discharge & protection against segregation due to mass-flow.

Simple to use powder packing machine.

Features at a glance

Easy to strip & clean contact parts.

Changeover by Operator not Engineering.

Fill bags 10-25kg at a rate of 1-2 bags/minute.

No need for secondary feeders.

Additional quality control from optional sifting and metal detection.

The Matcon Powder
Handling System

The Matcon system is based on using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to transport powders between manufacturing steps and to blend powders to a homogenous mix.

System Modules

By decoupling the manufacturing steps we enable manufacturers to achieve a flexible manufacturing system.


No waiting for formulation.

Fill IBCs off-line for improved efficiency.



Mix any recipe, any time.

Eliminate time-consuming cleaning for instant recipe changeovers.



Hygienic design for quick cleaning.

Reduce system down-time with off-line cleaning of IBCs.