Modular Systems for Battery Material Manufacturing

Tried and tested equipment that can deliver product consistency and contained transfer at all stages. Specifically tailored for the challenging conditions of battery production, our modular systems employ Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). This strategy streamlines production workflow but also significantly reduces the risk of contamination and loss of materials, thereby ensuring the high quality of the final product. 


Key Features of a Matcon System:

  • Cone Valve Technology: Our proprietary Cone Valve technology is central to the effective handling of difficult flowing or segregation-prone powders, enhancing your production's safety and reliability.

  • Modular Design: Designed for versatility, our IBCs offer a customisable and scalable solution, ensuring our systems grow with your manufacturing demands.
  • Automated Material Transfer: Automation is at the forefront, facilitating seamless, contained transfer of hazardous and innocuous powders between stages and reducing manual handling.

  • Expert Connections: Designed with the battery manufacturing process in mind, expertly engineered connections offer unrivalled containment and transfer, even at the most critical stages.

IBCs Product Range

Our diverse IBC portfolio spans various designs, materials, and capacities. Whether your operations necessitate the durability of stainless steel or the versatility of polyethylene, our selection is poised to seamlessly integrate with your requirements and existing equipment. 

IBC Group

Stainless Steel IBCs

The Matcon Cone Valve IBC is available in 316, 304 stainless steel or a lower carbon variant upon request, tailored to suit specific applications. Our design ensures the IBC can withstand pressures ranging from -25 to +50 millibars, optimising flow control and effectively preventing moisture ingress. This feature is critical in maintaining the integrity and quality of sensitive battery powders during the storage and transportation phases.


Heavy Duty IBCs

Our Heavy Duty IBCs are specifically designed to meet the robust demands of a gigafactory large-production. Boasting an impressive air capacity of 3700L and able to withstand pressures up to 100 millibars, this model is engineered for high-efficiency operations. Its ability to be stacked addresses the critical need to conserve floor space, making it an ideal solution for facilities where space is at a premium.


High Temperature IBCs

Our high-temperature IBCs are engineered to endure extreme conditions and are able to withstand a working temperature of up to 200 degrees Celsius. This approach allows hot powders to be processed directly, leading to significant energy savings. These IBCs are an essential component for operations that involve high-temperature processing, ensuring that materials are handled safely and efficiently without compromising on performance or safety standards.


Polyethylene IBCs

For those seeking a more versatile and cost-effective solution, our Polyethylene IBC Range provides an alternative to stainless steel. Equipped with the Matcon Cone Valve technology found in our stainless steel range, these IBCs ensure that powders are discharged under a mass-flow discharge process. Ideal for blending, storage, and transportation of powder materials, our polyethylene IBCs offer a durable, lightweight option.

Discharge Stations

We offer a range of high-performance discharge stations. They are designed to be fully automated, facilitating the rapid and precise transfer of powder materials without compromising on safety. Equipped with advanced features such as vibratory agitation, our discharge stations ensure optimal flow control and prevention of any material segregation.



The Standard Cone Valve Discharge Station is engineered to manage powders with challenging flow characteristics, ensuring a thorough discharge of materials from the IBC. This functionality is crucial for efficiently handling both problematic and free-flowing powders.

Featuring a vibratory agitation system, it proactively tackles potential blockages, guaranteeing a steady and reliable flow of materials. A highlight of this system is its precision discharge control, which facilitates accurate powder dosing in line with stringent standards. This process is key to maintaining the product's integrity and quality, aiming to substantially minimize powder degradation during the discharge phase.

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High Temperature 

The High-Temperature Discharge Station embodies all features necessary for efficient powder discharge similar to the standard version; however, it is specially constructed to withstand elevated internal working temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

With a lift capacity of 1600 kg, this station can facilitate either pulse or continuous discharge, ensuring precision and accuracy in material handling. Similar to the standard version, it also incorporates a positive shut-off feature to enhance accuracy and control during the discharge process.


Vari Stroke

For operations that require a higher degree of control over the discharge rate, our Vari Stroke Discharge Station is an ideal solution. Equipped with an adjustable stroke length, this innovative station allows for precise control of powder flow, making it especially useful in situations where the powder characteristics vary significantly or when dosing multiple materials into downstream processes without the need for pre-mixing powders.

This enhanced control ensures a consistent, uniform flow, critical for maintaining the quality and consistency of the product. Whether dealing with cohesive powders or those with varying granularity, the Vari Stroke Discharge Station adapts seamlessly to meet the needs of highly specialised manufacturing processes.

Blending Product Range

Our high-performance blend systems are engineered with maximum flexibility in mind, ensuring that they can accommodate a wide variety of powder materials and production requirements.


Pilot Scale Blender

The Pilot Scale Blender marks a significant stride in our commitment to innovation, specifically addressing the evolving needs of Research & Development sectors and the pursuit of enhanced return on investment.

Engineered to manage intricate blending operations with bin sizes ranging from 50 to 200L, this blender accurately mirrors the functionality of our comprehensive-scale systems. It incorporates features like high shear blending, which are pivotal for rigorous experimentation and scaling processes in powder fibrillization. This ensures that the transition from pilot to full-scale production is efficient, embodying our dedication to merging experimental flexibility with operational effectiveness.

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Production Scale Blender

This system is engineered to blend large quantities of powders consistently, ensuring homogeneity and reproducibility throughout the process. Its design allows operators to control the intensity and duration of mixing operations, resulting in an optimal blend every time.

Engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of batch volumes, ranging from 500L to 3,300L, the IBC Blender is designed to meet varying production demands with agility. Batch volumes are tailorable, allowing for IBCs to be filled at anywhere from 20% to 80% of their full capacity, accommodating specific blending requirements.

Additionally, the blending efficacy is expandable through the integration of the Matcon Intensifier, which extends the versatility of tumble blending, notably in the domain of powder fibrillization, enriching the blending application spectrum significantly.

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Cleaning Product Range

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean production environment, especially when handling sensitive or hazardous materials. Our cleaning product range is designed with this in mind, providing efficient and effective solutions to keep your facility contamination-free.


Air Wash Station

Leveraging the power of compressed air, it excels in removing dust particles and debris from even the most challenging, hard-to-reach areas of the IBC. One of the standout features of this station is its integration of automatic controls, which simplifies the cleaning process. Designed for seamless integration into existing production lines, the Air Wash Station negates the need for detergents, hot water, or hot air. Furthermore, it is equipped with a dust extraction unit to collect any residual powder waste.