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IBC feeding battery material to an extruder

Enhancing Battery Efficiency through Expert Powder Management

At Matcon, we recognise the pivotal role of powder quality in the core components of batteries - whether it's the anode or cathode. Our solutions are meticulously designed to ensure unparalleled powder consistency and purity, setting the foundation for evolving production needs with the adaptability ingrained in our technology.

A Legacy of Innovation

With a heritage of over 40 years, Matcon has invested in refining our expertise in powder handling to support the advancement of battery technology. We have a track record of success in collaborating with industry leaders and innovators, and our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of this rapidly changing field.

In Collaboration with Industry Experts

Matcon proudly works with forward-thinking corporations and institutions, including:

  • Battery start-ups who are at the cutting edge, seeking innovative solutions dedicated to efficient production and strategic planning.
  • Academic and research entities who prioritise developing new battery chemistries and champion the shift towards sustainable, practical battery technologies.
  • Established battery technology leaders who balance innovation with the risk entailed in delivering competitive, giga-factory projects.

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Empower Your Innovations with Proven Expertise

Intelligent Solutions Backed by Industry Expertise

For the Visionaries and Innovators

Emerging into the Future of Batteries

For industry professionals seeking efficient production and innovative solutions, having a partner that understands and scales with your growth is essential. Matcon offers scalable solutions that can adapt to address the complexities of your battery chemistry powders and production challenges. Our systems not only help you achieve your goals but also ensure repeatable results, maintaining investor confidence.

For Gigafactory

Developing and Expanding Production Facilities

Due to the scale and complexity of production, gigafactory managers face unique challenges in handling advanced battery materials. Matcon is working on some of the largest gigafactories, providing efficient powder-handling solutions that ensure high-quality output while keeping up with increasing demand. Our bespoke systems are designed for seamless integration into the current production processes, providing a smooth transition to increased capacity and productivity.

For the Scientists Turning Theory into Practice

Pioneering Battery Research

The quest to discover new chemistries and sustainable practices is reflected in Matcon's dedication to supporting the shift from lab research to large-scale production. In response to the growing R&D needs and the pursuit of higher ROI, we have delivered solutions mirroring our full-scale system's parameters. This integration encourages a space where experimentation and scalability combine seamlessly with effectiveness.


Equipment for battery production

We champion the design and implementation of modular systems centered on Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for the efficient transfer and processing of powders. This modular approach affords flexibility, enabling seamless integration of production steps, including filling, blending, feeding to downstream processes, packing, and cleaning. These systems are not only scalable but also ensure that cross-contamination is minimised, maintaining the integrity of your materials throughout the production cycle.

The use of IBCs in powder handling represents a pivotal shift towards more efficient, cleaner, and adaptable manufacturing processes. It enables rapid product changeover, reduces downtime, and enhances overall production efficiency—key factors in maintaining competitive advantage in the fast-paced battery industry. Matcon's solutions empower our clients, from early-stage innovators to global gigafactories, to meet the future of battery production with confidence and technical superiority.



Enhance your process flexibility with our Cone Valve Intermediate Bulk Container solutions. They ensure precise flow control, prevent moisture ingress, offer a wide range of capacities, and accommodate various temperature deviations.

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IBC Tumble Blender


Achieving precise ratios of powder ingredients is crucial for the successful production of advanced battery materials. Our range of blending systems ensures you achieve the necessary consistency with exceptional accuracy, minimising waste and downtime. Strive for unparalleled powder uniformity. 

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IBC Discharge Station


Matcon's discharging systems enhance process efficiency through our innovative Cone Valve technology, which prevents bridging and segregation, facilitating mass flow. Additionally, they can handle powders heated up to 200 degrees Celsius.

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Air Washing for IBCs


We understand the importance of maintaining a clean production environment, especially when handling sensitive or hazardous materials. Our cleaning product range is designed with this in mind, providing efficient and effective solutions to keep your facility contamination-free.

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Ready to Transform Your Battery Production Process?

Our product range offers a just glimpse of our refined engineering expertise focused on improving powder handling in battery industry manufacturing. To find the best solution for your production needs, we recommend starting a conversation with us.

Our skilled staff are ready to create a strategy that not only meets your operational goals but exceeds them. We have the technical knowledge to thoroughly assess powder behaviour, allowing us to develop solutions for various production challenges. Where possible, we provide complimentary powder tests to showcase the effectiveness of our solutions tailored to your needs.

Our commitment goes beyond mere supply; we aim to be your strategic partner, supporting your project's success from pilot testing through to full-scale production.

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Knowledge Hub

Manufacturing and handling powders presents a variety of technical challenges. Browse our Knowledge Hub for further technical insights and advice. All our resources are free to download and are created from decades of powder handling experience and expertise.


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The Original Cone Valve IBC Manufacturers

At the heart of the Matcon system you will find the Cone Valve - invented, patented and developed by us. We help manufacturers overcome issues of mix segregation, containment and bridging that are inherent in traditional powder handling systems. Discover our unique approach to powder handling and the innovation that underpins all that we do.

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