Lithium-ion Battery Production

Powder and Materials Handling Systems to safely and effectively handle the materials used in the production of Lithium-ion Batteries.

Your Challenges

Safely handling potentially harmful lithium powders requires contained, safe, secure and efficient powder handling equipment.

Due to the hazardous properties of the powders used in battery manufacturing and recycling, and the particle sizes and properties of the materials means that they are poor flowing, toxic and consequently problematic to handle.

Our Experience

Matcon delivers systems for lithium-ion battery production whether you're formulating, transporting or discharging hazardous, abrasive and poor flowing powders.

Our materials solutions include automated systems for formulation, transfer, and discharging the complex ingredients used in Lithium-ion battery production and recycling, providing safe, efficient handling options for metal powders.


How we can help

Automated, contained powder handling delivered by our IBC solutions delivers a dust free environment and safe transfer of hazardous materials which means your operators stay safe.

The Matcon Cone Valve within each of our Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) ensures that poor flowing powders can be transferred safely and completely into the downstream process.

Our Approach

Our IBC systems can be automated and fully contained to give you the ability to control previously difficult to handle powders, expanding your capabilities.

The unique Matcon Cone Valve in each of our Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) ensures that manufacturers always benefit from accurately discharged materials without the risk of contamination or operator hazard.


Safe, Effective Handling of Battery Materials

Our systems will provide all you need for safe, efficient battery material handling, transfer and feeding to downstream processes. All contact parts can be Halar (ECTFE) coated to protect against contamination or corrosion safeguarding your formulated powder mixture.

Our Cone Valve technology is proven to accurately discharge even the most difficult flowing powders, like those used in battery production. With expertly designed connections for use in the battery manufacturing industry, you'll benefit from contained materials transfer at all stages.

Battery Industry Brochure

Equipment for Handling the Materials used in Battery Production

The Matcon system designed for lithium-ion battery production uses Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to automatically transport hazardous powders between manufacturing steps.

As materials are contained within the IBC are automatically moved between stages, your manufacturing system is safe and reliable.

Our Air Wash module ensures your IBCs are cleaned to the highest standards using high-pressure air to expel powders with extracted waste safely contained.


No moisture ingress.

High value, expensive materials are safely contained in IBCs.


Safe powder handling.

Materials are moved from filling to discharge points in IBCs.


Even, accurate dosing.

Difficult to handle powders are evenly and completely discharged.


No product contamination.

Coated contact parts ensure product quality and integrity.

In Detail

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Our approach

A Matcon IBC system will enable you to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Unique Cone Valve technology means that your materials will be handled with care and discharged under control. You'll have the ability to handle even the most hazardous powders effectively – a Matcon System delivers a future-proof solution!

Our experts will work in partnership with your team to design and implement the right system to meet your needs.


Companies we work with

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