Matcon Aftermarket

At Matcon we are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction before, during and after the installation of your IBC system.

We want you to make the most of your investment so we support you by offering a full range of original spares and a Maintenance Service.

Matcon's Aftermarket team are dedicated to providing technical assistance and guidance. Please contact our team via the form below or view our Frequently Asked Questions.



Using original spare parts ensures reliability and helps to protect your investment.

We develop, test and update our equipment components to ensure you have the best to keep your equipment running smoothly.

We strive to keep delivery times to a bare minimum as we are mindful of the costs of downtime.


Regularly serviced equipment delivers greater efficiency & reliability compared to equipment that is left to run without attention.

Our service engineers have worked on projects all around the world, giving them a breadth of knowledge and experience that ensures exceptional service.

Contact the team to discuss developing a preventive maintenance plan.


No business can ever afford to stand still, we appreciate this fact and have developed a number of upgrade packages.  

Our Account Managers are in an ideal position to provide advice on upgrades that will enable you to maintain your competitive edge.

We have cost effective packages available for the Discharge Station.

matcon Aftermarket Support

If you require technical assistance with a Matcon product or component then please contact the team.

You can also review the FAQs below which address most of the common questions we are asked.

Alternatively, complete the form below to raise a query with our support team.

Frequently Asked Quesions

Here are some of the regularly asked questions.  If none of these solve your issue, then complete the form above to raise a query with our support team in the Matcon Aftersales department.

Common Discharging Questions

This would indicate an internal air leak and requires the hopper to be stripped down.

The equipment cannot be used in this current state.

Common Blending Questions

It is normal for the hydraulic motor to be started to maintain the clamping pressure whilst the blender is rotating, however, this should be only a limited number of times.

If the motor is heard to frequently start and stop then it is an indication of an oil leak and the seals will need to be replaced.

Meet the team

Find out James' approach to managing the team that deliver a world-class service for Matcon Aftermarket

James Duncan

Customer Excellence Line Director

Aftermarket Support

Our Service Account Managers are expertly placed to provide advice on the specific needs for your process, give detailed technical support and recommend the ideal service intervals for your particular system.  

Aftermarket Manager

Andy Bichan

Aftermarket Manager

UK & Ireland

Ian Hands

Service Account Manager

Jack Yarnall

Service Engineer


Chris Dempster

Service Account Manager

Oliver Faulk

Service Engineer


John Mattos

Service Engineer

Dominic D'Alonzo

Service Account Manager

India & Bangladesh

Nagendra Babu

Aftermarket & Application Support

Aviroon Kanungo

Field Service Engineer

Kuldip Mochi

Assistant Manager - Aftermarket & Application Support

China, Taiwan & Hong Kong

Nino Shen

Service Engineer

South East Asia & Pacific

Lou Tria

Service Account Manager

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