IBC Blending

The Industrial Mixer for fast, efficient, agile blending

Reduce cleaning downtime with in-bin blending

Benefits of Matcon IBC Blending Systems

Mix any recipe any time with an IBC Industrial Mixer

Container mixing has long been established as an efficient way of blending powders and granules.

Faster loading and unloading of the IBC Blender, along with no cleaning downtime, eliminates the wasted time associated with traditional static mixers.   

IBC Blender

Eliminate onerous clean-down requirements by blending in the IBC



Extending the range of tumble-blending capabilities



Real-time analysis of blend homogeneity using Near-infrared (NIR) technology


Liquid Addition

Expanding the range of powder blending using IBCs


Supported Industries

Our Blending equipment is extensively used in the following industries

IBC Industrial Mixer

Allows rapid batch changeovers as the ingredients are fully contained within the IBC—no need to clean down.

The fully contained system protects against any cross-contamination risks.

High overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rates are possible as IBCs are prepared and discharged separately from the blending process.

The small footprint helps to reduce cleanroom costs to a minimum.

Industrial powder mixer using an IBC
Features at a glance

In-bin blending so no cleaning downtime.

Asymmetric 360° tumble blending.

Up to three batches per hour.

Industrial mixer range 300–3500L.

Wide range of batch sizes can be accommodated on one blender.

Available with interlocked safety cage for health and safety conformance.


We ensure customers make the most of their investment with support including a full range of original spares and regular service maintenance.



The use of original spare parts ensures reliability and helps to protect your investment. Delivery times are kept minimal to reduce downtime.


Regularly serviced equipment delivers greater efficiency and reliability compared to equipment that is left to run without attention.


Our Account Managers are on hand to provide customers with advice on upgrades that will enable you to maintain your competitive edge.


Intensifier introduces high shear to the industrial mixer

The Intensifier introduces high shear to the IBC blending process and expands blending capabilities.

More cohesive powders can be blended and single stage bakery mixing is now possible.

An ideal solution where the addition of liquid is required for a recipe.

Features at a glance

High shear cutter blades.

Air purged Intensifier option for high sugar content recipes.

Cleaned offline.

Optional handling trolley for fast changeovers.

Near-infrared spectroscopy

Using Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to identify when a mix is homogenous.

Precise monitoring in real time.

Spectra collected on each rotation enabling blend time optimisation.

Reduces blend times and prevents overmixing.

Removes the need for invasive sampling.

NIR compatible with the Matcon industrial mixer
Features at a glance

Miniaturised technology.

Wireless unit mounted on IBC lid.

Compatible with the Matcon Industrial Mixer.

Results are easy to interpret.

Full testing service available.

The Matcon Powder
Handling System

The Matcon system is based on using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to transport powders between manufacturing steps and to blend powders to a homogenous mix.

Matcon System Modules

By decoupling the manufacturing steps we enable manufacturers to achieve a flexible manufacturing system.


No waiting for formulation.

Fill IBCs offline for improved efficiency.



Prevent mix segregation.

Use the IBC Cone Valve for right first time, every time production.



Hygienic design for quick cleaning.

Reduce system downtime with offline cleaning of IBCs.