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IBC Blender

Industrial Mixer for fast & efficient Powder blending

Matcon in-bin blending powder mixer systems ensure that your materials are mixed effectively and your operation becomes more efficient with reduced cleaning downtime.

Industrial powder mixing using IBC Tumble Blending delivers the following benefits:

  • High Shear Mixing
  • Fast loading & unloading
  • No cross-contamination
  • Increased product yields
  • Improved manufacturing productivity (high OEE rate)

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IBC Blending

Mix any recipe any time with an IBC Industrial Mixer.

Container mixing has long been established as an efficient and effective way to blend bulk materials such as powders and granules.


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IBC Blender

Eliminate onerous clean-down requirements by blending in the IBC


Extends the range of tumble-blending capabilities

Liquid Addition

Expanding powder blending capability using IBCs

NIR spectroscopy

Real-time analysis to assess powder blend homogeneity

Matcon IBC Tumble Blender

IBC Blender

Rapid batch changeovers are easily achieved with the Matcon IBC Tumble Blender. There is no need to clean down the Blender as the ingredients are fully contained within the IBC, making lengthy product changeovers a thing of the past.

Whilst one IBC is being blended, the next can be filled which means there is no need to stop mixing, enabling parallel processing. Fast, efficient powder handling.

Achieve high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) rates as IBCs are formulated and discharged separately from the blending process.


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Flexible and efficient industrial mixing

With a Matcon IBC Blender, you can mix any recipe any time, making your manufacturing production more efficient and flexible.

As the IBC is the blending vessel, loading, unloading and cleaning time is greatly reduced. The IBC filling and emptying processes take place independent of the blender and there is no downtime for cleaning or risk of cross-contamination.

If you need to blend a variety of batches then an IBC blender will enable you to efficiently manufacture a wide range of recipes and batch sizes.

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Gain an advantage with your industrial mixing

  • The system is always blending providing high OEE – filling, emptying, and cleaning is done offline.

  • In-bin blending for instant recipe changeovers without risk of contamination.

  • Better batch capability means that you can manufacture a wider range of batch sizes.

  • Intensifier package expands blending capability, including liquid addition.

  • Modular solution: factory assembled, proven design, low risk.



Tumble Blender


Intensifier blade for Matcon IBC Blender

High Shear Blending

The Matcon Intensifier introduces high shear mixing to the IBC blending process and expands blending capabilities.

More cohesive powders can be blended and single-stage bakery mixing is possible.

The Intensifier is the ideal solution where the addition of liquid is required for a recipe.

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High Shear IBC Blending

By adding a high shear cutter to the Matcon Blender, recipes can be mixed and materials dispersed which will not blend by flow alone, enabling liquid fats to be incorporated and more cohesive powders to be processed and agglomerated lumps removed.

Using an IBC Blender will eliminate inefficient cleaning practices associated with traditional static mixers.

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Extending your tumble blending capability

  • Expand the range of IBC powder blending.

  • High shear cutter blades are easily added.

  • Air-purged Intensifier option for high sugar content recipes.

  • Cleaning 'offline' significantly reduces mixer downtime.

  • Easy to load and unload with handling trolley.

Remove The Need For Multi-Stage Blending

  • Mix liquid fats efficiently in single-stage blending.

  • Efficiently disperse micro-ingredients ensuring a quality final product.

  • High shear without heat build-up – particles are blended without degradation to achieve a quality final product.

  • Efficient cleaning off-line with cleaning trolley.

Liquid Addition for powder blending

Liquid Addition During Blending

A revolutionary development to expand the range of IBC powder blending to increase efficiency and reduce risks.

Automatically inject liquids directly into a powder mix, enclosed within an Intermediate Bulk Container during its blender rotation cycle, without manual intervention or the need to open the blending vessel.

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Add liquid during blending

As consumer demand is continually changing, manufacturers must have flexible and efficient production processes to stay ahead of their competition. Until now, if a powder blend required liquid addition, it was necessary to use a Fixed Powder Blender or Mixer, which can be difficult and time-consuming to clean between recipe changeovers.

Invented and developed by Matcon, our innovative Liquid Addition System expands the range of the IBC tumble blender and is well suited to industries that need the flexibility to mix a wide range of powder recipes in a contained and efficient manner.

Reduce manual handling and contamination risk

This flexible and hygienic system will reduce manual handling and improve containment, further enhancing the benefits of IBC Blending.

  • Rapid integration of liquid through high shear mixing

  • Remove the need for two-stage blending

  • Maintain containment as liquids are injected during blending

  • Control the amount of liquid injected for accurate dispersion

  • Reduce ‘live’ manual handling - the liquid tank is filled offline ready for mixing

  • Deliver pre-programmed recipes for ease of use

  • Change out parts can be cleaned ‘offline’ to keep the blender in production

Automated, even dispersion of liquids

  • Rapid integration of liquid through high shear mixing.

  • Injection directly into powder mass at Intensifier blade tip while tumble blending via rotary union.

  • Deliver additions of liquids in the range of 5-150 litres. 200-800g typical injected amount per revolution.

  • Loss-in-weight monitoring on liquid tank.

Liquid Addition Animation

Matcon Liquid Addition


NIR equipment for blending

Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy

Use Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to identify when a mix is homogenous.

  • Precise monitoring in real time.
  • Spectra collected on each rotation enabling blend time optimisation.
  • Reduces blend times and prevents overmixing.
  • Removes the need for invasive sampling.
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Optimize your blending process

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a fast and flexible technique to analyse and verify the content of any powder recipe mix.

Applied in a wide range of research and industrial process applications, this technology has proved itself to be a cost-effective tool when measuring recipe mixes. This ensures that manufacturers optimise their processes and reduce costs.

On-site blend verification in seconds

  • Ideally suited for use on the Matcon IBC Tumble Blender

  • Wireless operation - battery powered

  • Analyse new recipes and optimise existing recipes

  • Non-destructive technique

  • Mounted on IBC lid for ease of operation

  • Suitable for use on multiple types of equipment

Miniaturised NIR technology using a Light Variable Filter

  • 950 - 1650nm range

  • USB function

  • Wireless operation - battery powered

  • Tri-clamp mounting

View the IBC Blending Brochure

Mix any recipe any time with a Matcon Blender.

Download the IBC blending brochure for a product overview and key information.


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Tumble Blender

IBC Tumble Blender

Mix any recipe at any time with Matcon’s IBC Blender. Changeovers are virtually instantaneous for effective blending with no downtime.

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