Powder Handling Equipment for the Chemical Industry

Our systems handle the most challenging of powders and bulk solid materials commonly used in extremely high-tech chemical environments.

Materials Handling Systems

for manufacture of chemical powders

Matcon specializes in supplying IBC systems with Cone Valve technology for powder handling and processing in the chemical industry. Our powder handling systems and equipment are proven to help control powders that are difficult to handle, in particular those commonly used in the production of plastics and metals.



How we help the chemical industry.

Your Challenges

Mixing challenges for chemical powder manufacturers

No matter what the end product, a common need is for safety, containment, efficient mixing and maintaining blend homogeneity.

The very difficult-flowing nature of many ultra-fine metal powders and friction materials makes them problematic to handle.

Overproduction – Mixing products such as additives and pigments in larger quantities than ordered because equipment cleaning is such a burden.

Waiting – operators and expensive process machinery standing idle i.e. due to cleaning activity or awaiting QC analysis results.

Inventory – Customer requirements for rapid and “next day” delivery resulting in huge finished goods and intermediate goods storage, rather than adapting and improving the plant.
How we can help

Improve chemical powder manufacturers productivity

Our IBC system provides all you need for safe, efficient material handling of chemical powders, transfer and feeding to downstream processes. 

The automatic, dust-free powder handling provided by our IBC system is particularly beneficial where the individual components are potentially dangerous for operators during critical processes.

The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC can handle practically any type of powder, even metal powders. This superb discharge device overcomes all the typical powder flow problems such as bridging, blocking, flushing and core-flow and delivers effective powder handling and discharge, assuring chemical manufacturers of contained and accurate discharge at all stages of the process.

Our Experience

Working with chemical powder manufacturers

Since our foundation in 1980, our chemical processing applications have been very diverse, including systems for the formulation of refractory materials, dosing specialty ingredients for revolutionary flooring, as well as handling metal powders, brake lining
and building chemicals.

Installations handle a wide variety of batch components including:

  • Color pigments
  • Catalysts
  • Detergents and cleaning agents
  • Organic compounds
  • Agricultural fertilizers and pesticides
  • Refractory materials
  • Masterbatch
  • Toner and printing inks
Our Approach

Working with chemical powder manufacturers

The requirement to manufacture a varied portfolio of products has meant manufacturers must evolve, adopting highly flexible manufacturing production methods to respond to customer orders easily and quickly.

Matcon IBC Technology allows you to adapt to market changes, adhere to regulations, modify the way you operate and create new ways to enhance your production.

Our modern IBC-based system achieves this flexibility by following the LEAN production philosophy, offering sensible automation, and providing almost instant changeover times by applying “SMED” (single-minute exchange of dies). 

The de-coupled nature of the Matcon Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) system makes it easy to produce a variety of products in a short timeframe as each process operation (formulation, blending, packing, and cleaning) takes place simultaneously.

Our equipment designs have provided superior powder handling capabilities for our customers, in turn giving them an edge on Operational Excellence.


System Modules

The Matcon system uses stainless steel Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to transport powders between manufacturing steps and as the blending vessel.

As all of your materials contained within the IBC, there is no clean-down of the blender between recipe changes, which gives you increased flexibility and safety in your operation.


No waiting for formulation.

Fill IBCs off-line for improved efficiency.



Mix any recipe, any time.

Eliminate time-consuming cleaning for instant recipe changeovers.



Prevent mix segregation.

Use the IBC Cone Valve for right first time, every time production.



Hygienic design for quick cleaning.

No system down-time with off-line cleaning of IBCs.

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