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Parallel Processing

Eliminate waste and be able to rapidly respond to customer's needs with flexible and agile powder handling using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

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What is Parallel Processing?

Parallel processing is the decoupling of each of the manufacturing steps so that formulation, blending, packing and cleaning take place simultaneously.

IBCs are used to transport material between the manufacturing processes, therefore each process step is independent of the other so no time is wasted waiting for the previous step to complete before moving on.

Total Autonomy

One recipe can be packed, at the same time as one is being mixed and another being formulated, whilst used IBCs are cleaned.


No Time Lost When Blending

Typically Blending can be a bottleneck. With in-line systems such as pneumatic conveying or close coupled mixing towers, a hold-up in one area affects the whole process chain.

With IBC Systems there is no waiting at the blending stage. The Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are filled off-line and, as they also act as the blending vessel, they are loaded on and off the blender immediately.

As soon as one IBC is removed, the blender is ready to receive the next formulated container. No cleaning of the blender is required between batches or recipe changes.

Improve Manufacturing Efficiency

This is in stark contrast to fixed mixer systems which can take a few hours to fill the mixer and then several hours to empty as they are coupled to the packing lines.

With an IBC Powder Handling System, there is no need to create WIP/WIQ to overcome bottleneck issues.

Cone Seal

No Time Lost in Cleaning

As the IBC is the blending vessel, it doesn’t need cleaning between recipe batches. Contrast this with an in-line mixing system, where the whole line has to be shut-down for hours.

Key Benefits of Parallel Processing

  • Increased productivity
  • Make-to-order (MTO) capabilities
  • Production flexibility for rush orders
  • High Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) rates
  • Reduced process inventory
  • Production flow


Parallel Processing Manufacturing

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IBC Cone Valve Technology

Eliminate waste and be able to rapidly respond to customer's needs with flexible and agile powder handling using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).

With the Matcon Cone Valve technology you can overcome any powder handling issues including bridging, blocking and powder mix segregation.

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Parallel Processing Videos

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