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Effective Manufacturing of Sports Nutrition Supplements

Sports Nutrition Manufacturers often need to produce a wide range of flavours and product variations in different batch sizes, all in a short period of time.

The manufacturer that can meet this demanding schedule with a high standard of product using the most cost-effective production method will gain the most advantage.

The key targets in this competitive market place are supplier demand and operating cost, so efficiency and timing are crucial. If your production line does not deliver the efficiency you need then you need to make changes.

Removing your industrial mixer from the fixed chain of production will create what we refer to as an Intermediate Decoupled System. This change to your manufacturing process could make a big difference to efficiency and output.

Decoupling infographic

Read on to learn more about this production setup with the pros and cons of the equipment used to improve your manufacturing process…

How to Gain the Greatest Return with Minimal Cost

Whilst some manufacturers might implement a fixed mixer system as part of their factory design, this could restrict your production capabilities and reduce the potential output as highlighted in our previous blog.

If you have the ambition to grow, then the speed of production and ability to change recipes must not lead to an increase of downtime during a typical shift. Additionally, it is vital that you can consistently deliver a high-quality product to ensure regular customer satisfaction, repeat orders, and a positive reputation.

The Matcon System is designed to Solve Sports Nutrition Manufacturing Challenges

As shown in the factory layout below, the addition of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) enables the manufacturer to run two stations simultaneously.Adding further containers can improve flexibility and reduce downtime, for example, as one IBC is being used as part of the mixing process, the other can be feeding into a powder packing machine. The third IBC can then be cleaned 'offline' and re-prepared to enter the production line when required. This will mean that all of the stations are active simultaneously and downtime is greatly reduced.

intermediate decoupled system

The Pros of an Intermediate Decoupled System for Sports Nutrition Manufacturers

  • Reduce downtime - the blender can be loaded (charged) and in operation, while your mixed product is being packed.
  • Increased capacity of production as the IBCs filled (from the mixer) setup for packing.
  • No powder segregation - if you are using a Matcon IBC with Cone Valve technology, the materials will be discharged consistently, preventing segregation.

The Cons of an Intermediate Decoupled System

  • Formulation and mixing downtime - if you are formulating your recipe in your blender then it will slow down production. Rather than running these process steps (formulation and blending) separately.
  • Increase cleaning - a fixed mixer will need to be taken apart to be fully cleaned down. Whilst this is happening production will come to a halt.

If you are a manufacturer that would like to increase productivity, have the flexibility to run two stations simultaneously and retain your product quality, this is a must-read…

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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