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Powder Handling Systems and Equipment

for manufacturing sports nutrition supplements

Expanding product portfolios result in many changeovers which significantly impacts available production time. 

Bulk dry ingredients commonly used in sports nutrition products include protein powders (whey, casein, soya and pea) which are notoriously difficult to handle being sticky and poor flowing. New plant proteins are likely to be even more so. 

Increasingly, additional recipes that are allergen-free, lactose-free and vegan are being introduced, which means even more time has to be spent performing thorough clean-downs across production lines and equipment.



How we help Sports Nutrition manufacturers

Your Challenges

Powder mixing challenges for sports nutrition and functional food manufacturers

Expanding product portfolios and quality requirements can result in multiple changeovers, significantly impacting on available production time. 

Whey powder is notoriously difficult to handle being sticky, poor flowing and particularly prone to bridging. New plant proteins are likely to be even more so. 

Increasingly, recipes are containing potential allergens therefore additional time is needed to perform thorough clean-downs of the processing line. 

How we can help

Improving productivity for manufacturers

A powder handling system designed to optimize production flow is what we do. 

The Matcon Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) System is configured to ensure production can continue while one container is being cleaned 'offline'. As the powder recipe is 'self-contained' within each container, cleaning is only required when a discharged container needs to be re-filled or used for another recipe batch.

The de-coupled nature and easy storage of IBCs support businesses with a large portfolio of recipes, even when smaller batches need to be created, without stopping the production line entirely.

The unique Cone Valve in each Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) protects the blend against segregation and provides assured discharge, even on 'sticky' plant protein mixes. 

If you handle multiple recipe batches across a shift then a fixed industrial blender can be very inefficient with lengthy waiting times during filling, emptying and cleaning. In-bin powder mixing reduces downtimes for changeovers and removes the risk of cross-contamination as the batch ingredients are fully contained within the IBC, so with no need to clean down the Blender, lengthy product changeovers can be a thing of the past.

Our Experience

Working with sports nutrition manufacturers

The Matcon team have experience of working across the globe with leading manufacturers of sports nutrition, dietary health supplements and nutraceuticals.

We’ve designed efficient and flexible IBC systems that have enabled them to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve product quality.

So how do we do this?

Our Approach

Sports nutrition manufacturing services

We deliver a wide range of IBC powder handling systems and blending equipment for manufacturers of sports nutrition, dietary supplements and nutraceutical products, from the simple start-up to the more complex automated, multi-mixer, multiple packing line configurations.

Central to our IBC technology is the Cone Valve, offering automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type. Cohesive materials are stimulated to flow, whilst free-flowing powders are controlled. Our Cone Valve has continually proven to overcome the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, rat-holing, segregation and degradation.

Our scalable modular design is perfect to expand upon as you innovate and grow your product portfolios and increase throughput to develop your business.

System Modules

Powder Handling Systems for Sports Nutrition

This simple system is all you need to get started the right way. By decoupling the processing steps we enable companies to achieve a flexible manufacturing system.

The Matcon system is based on using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to transport powders between manufacturing steps and as a blending vessel. Because everything is contained within the IBC, there is no clean-down of the blender between recipe changes, which gives you the ultimate flexibility of operation.


No waiting for formulation. Fill Intermediate Bulk Containers off-line for improved efficiency.



Mix any recipe, any time. Eliminate time-consuming cleaning for instant recipe changeovers.



Prevent mix segregation.Use the IBC Cone Valve for right first time, every time production



Hygienic design for quick cleaning.No system down-time with off-line cleaning of IBCs.


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