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Powder Handling Systems from Matcon

Through the decoupling of manufacturing processes, we are able to create flexible, safe and agile production facilities that enable manufacturers to produce better products with a wider variety and batch sizes. These factors ultimately make manufacturers with Matcon powder handling solutions more profitable and successful.


Matcon IBCs are efficient, dust-tight powder containers, manufactured to the highest standards for all industry applications.

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Formulate powder recipes directly to IBCs with accurate, automated filling and add into your batch processing flow as required.

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Mix powder recipes of all sizes any time using an IBC Tumble Blender. Improve loading times, cleaning and remove bottlenecks.

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Accurately discharge your powder-based products without segregation. Optimise throughput with automated, reliable packing solutions.

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Remove bottlenecks and factory downtime with safe, repeatable washing that can be fully automated and performed 'offline'.

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Powder Handling Problems We Solve

With industry-leading powder handling equipment, including our patented Cone Valve Technology, we can overcome all manner of powder flow problems.

Powder Bridging

Solve and prevent poor flow that is caused by powder bridging.

Rat Holing

Ratholing can lead to costly powder flow problems.


Meet hygiene and safety requirements and remove the risk of cross-contamination.

Powder Segregation

Overcome the segregation of your powder mix to ensure you achieve mass flow.

Powder Flow Help and Advice

If you’re experiencing any of these powder flow problems or have similar challenges with bulk solids, visit ‘powder handling problems solved’ where we discuss typical causes for each powder flow problem and provide practical advice to help you solve those problems. 

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High-performance Systems and Equipment

Leading Powder Handling Equipment

Matcon designs and manufactures powder handling equipment that can be used to improve manufacturing processes across a range of applications. At the heart of our Powder Handling System is an IBC fitted with our patented Cone Valve Technology, a unique discharge valve that eliminates typical powder flow problems.

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

What is an IBC?

An IBC or Intermediate Bulk Container is a precision engineered, high-grade stainless steel container that enables manufacturers to blend and transport powders between manufacturing steps.

What does it enable?

IBCs enable manufacturers to decouple processing stages so that multiple processing steps can be undertaken simultaneously without pausing the production process.

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Cone Valve Technology

What is a Cone Valve?

A Matcon IBC has a ‘passive’ cone seated within the outlet of the container. When located on the Discharge Station, an ‘active’ probe assembly lifts the cone which creates an annular gap causing material to discharge using mass-flow.

Why it is Important

It is a superb discharging device overcoming all manner of powder flow problems. The lifting action of the cone breaks up bridged product and prevents material from rat-holing and causing material segregation.
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Quality Standards

To ensure that products perform to the highest standards, we follow a series of industry directives including:

What does it enable?

  • Health & Safety Legislation and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Manufactured in line with EHEDG guidelines.
  • Rigorous Quality Management demonstrated by our ISO 9001 certification.
  • Type approval for most ATEX classifications.
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Powder Handling
Technology in action

Learn how the IBC and Cone Valve works together to precisely and quickly discharge powders.

See how the Cone Valve prevents materials handling issues such as rat-holing, bridging and powder segregation.

Watch the Cone Valve and see how easy it is to discharge materials from our IBCs to the next processing stage.

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Global Testing Facilities

Materials, environment, humidity and powder characteristics all play a huge part in influencing how powders will behave during blending, packing or even in transit. Our state-of-the-art test centres give you the opportunity to experiment with your product mixes in our equipment.

Test Centres

Our state-of-the-art Test Plants are designed to simulate actual working conditions using your individual recipes, giving you peace of mind that your test results represent real world operations.

United Kingdom

Full-scale equipment capabilities including Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, allergen swabbing & lab testing equipment.


Full-scale equipment capabilities including blending, formulation & cleaning.


Full-scale equipment capabilities including blending, formulation & cleaning.

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Proven Track Record

Handling Powders for 40+ years

Technology is hugely important if you are to remain competitive in today’s climate but technology is not sufficient without the knowledge and experience of how to apply it.

Matcon is in the enviable position of being able to offer both, 35+ years’ experience and the technology. Over the last three decades, we have specified, designed, engineered and installed powder handling systems for clients across the globe. And as the originators of the Cone Valve, we understand the technology better than anyone.

We have the experience and resources to carry out engineering studies and full-scale testing which is invaluable in reducing the risk of purchase. And being part of the IDEX Corporation, Matcon has the global reach you’d expect from a market leader.

When we say ‘powders, handled’ your powder handling requirements really are in safe hands.

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Supported Industries

Over the last 35+ years there aren’t many powder handling problems we haven’t solved, but what many people don’t realise is how many industries we’ve successfully supported over this period.

Sports Nutrition

Helping manufacturers keep pace with the changing market needs.


Beverages & Mixes

Ensuring integrity of the mix for a quality product every time.



Effectively handling allergens & preventing cross-contamination.



Providing manufacturing flexibility to handle product diversity.


Infant Nutrition

Hygienic manufacturing systems for reassuring consumer safety.


Animal Nutrition

Preventing blend segregation for quality output every time.



Designing optimised systems for improved productivity & quality.



Overcoming difficult powder challenges with the Cone Valve.


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With 35 years behind us we’ve solved numerous powder handling challenges. Explore our resources section for advice, insights and recommendations all drawn from our experience helping powder handling manufacturers across the globe.

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Learn about the challenges we’ve helped our clients overcome, the materials handling equipment we’ve specified and the outcome of the process.

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