Powder Handling Problems...Solved

Different powders and manufacturing processes present an array of powder handling problems. 

Over the years we've encountered and solved a range of issues by clever design. 

In this section we've created a resource to explain how the typical 
powder handling problems can be solved.

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Common causes of powder bridging

Is powder getting stuck in your containers and not discharging

Bridges of powder can form in your containers preventing flow. This can disrupt your production line.



Do you handle powders that are creating a dusty environment?

If you are experiencing issues with dust in your manufacturing facility, it is probably due to open processing.


Segregation due to Elutriation

Are you losing product quality during the transfer process?

Air displacement as the product flows from the container can cause segregation, leading to an inconsistent end product.


Rat-Holing in Powder

Are you finding that your powders aren’t coming out of the equipment?

Do you have to exert some rigorous external vibration to release the powder?


Powder Segregation

Are you suffering from issues with your final product?

As your powders flow out of a container some of the product can become unmixed leading to poor end product.


Overcome powder bridging

Certain powders can stop flowing during discharge

If your powder materials are not flowing correctly, it could be due to bridging.


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