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The more proficiently and quickly a manufacturer can produce multiple batches in a variety of sizes without compromising on quality, the more successful they will become. You only need to be more flexible than your competitors in order to remain on top. That flexibility...

Topic: Blending

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29 April 2020

It’s the eternal question for production managers: How to improve production efficiency and effectiveness.

07 February 2020

Using one of Matcon’s test plants, customers are able to mimic pilot testing by having equipment available that...

20 November 2019

In the Animal Nutrition industry, manufacturers need a flexible processing system that is well suited to the...

18 June 2019

As consumer demand is continually changing, manufacturers must have flexible and efficient production processes to...

14 February 2019

Do you manufacture your products using a fixed mixer? Are you finding that you need to perform more and more recipe...

24 January 2019

Imagine the impact a reduction in blending time would have on your production process. It’s probably not anything...

22 January 2019

Would you like to have the ability to automatically and in a controlled way, discharge virtually any powder type in...


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At the heart of the Matcon system you will find the Cone Valve - invented, patented and developed by us. We help manufacturers overcome issues of mix segregation, containment and bridging that are inherent in traditional powder handling systems. Discover our unique approach to powder handling and the innovation that underpins all that we do.

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