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Plant-based Food Manufacturing - Opportunities and Challenges

On October 21st, the Matcon team was excited to participate in a joint webinar alongside our North European distributor - Tekemas. The topic discussed was focused on plant-based food manufacturing and the unique opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Neil Brown, Matcon's food manufacturing expert, gave an insightful presentation on the optimal factory layout for producing plant-based foods using an extrusion system. He then went on to explore the main areas where a Matcon IBC system can help manufacturers improve the yield, lower operational costs and keep the production lines running smoothly.

The five main areas where Matcon IBC systems can help are:

  • ensuring a perfect blend of powders every time
  • overcoming powder segregation between manufacturing steps
  • maintaining the extruder calibration and operating the loss-in-weight feeder for maximum accuracy
  • increasing recipe variety and reducing product waste
  • avoiding cross-contamination

Neil's presentation was well-received by the audience and sparked a lively Q&A session afterward about Matcon's system capabilities and how best to overcome some of these common manufacturing challenges. Several attendees commented later that they were unaware of Matcon's end-to-end powder handling solutions and were keen to explore this further.

The presentation then moved on to Peter Gustafsson from Tekemas, who discussed how Matcon's IBC systems have helped a Scandinavian food manufacturer produce both private food labels for other companies as well as their brand, achieving their manufacturing goals.

The system's ability to quickly and easily adapt from one recipe to the next meant that the company could take orders for any product size or type without occupying multiple production lines.

This not only incurred savings but also meant that the company could respond quickly to customer demands, which is essential in the ever-changing world of food manufacturing and for their business model.

Overall, the case study was an excellent example of how Matcon's powder handling systems can provide tangible benefits to businesses looking to improve their manufacturing process.

A recording is available below if you missed the session or want to watch it again.

We would like to thank Neil for his informative presentation and our distributor, Tekemas, for presenting an excellent case study.


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Posted by Matt Baumber


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