Pharmaceutical Equipment for efficient Powder and Tablet Handling

IBCs for Powder and Tablet Handling

Sizing the IBCs to match throughput demands means that handling of IBCs is reduced to a minimum and system efficiency is maximised.

We offer a wide range of IBC sizes from 50 litres to 3500 litres to match system requirements.  Smaller scale IBCs are ideal for processing small order sizes, whilst bigger batches or combining lots are possible with the large scale IBCs.

Cone Valve control

The unique Cone Valve technology within each IBC prevents the traditional powder handling issues of bridging, rat-holing and blend segregation.  Compared to butterfly valve containers it provides superior discharge control, no matter whether you are handling free-flowing or cohesive materials, even in the biggest sized IBCs.

Intermediate Bulk Containers for Pharmaceutical Powder Handling
Features at a glance
  • Easy clean design.
  • Easy handling and manoeuvrability.
  • Compatible with all standard Matcon equipment.
  • Discharge control.
  • Suitable for validatable off-line cleaning.

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A Better Way To Handle Tablets Using IBCs

Handling tablets in larger batches reduces labour to move containers and make/break connections. It leads to improved control and traceability.



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