Pharma Dispensing Solutions from Matcon

Pharmaceutical Dispensing Solutions

Our pharma dispensing solutions enable loading off-line of IBCs with excipients and API prior to wet granulation. Or they can be used for formulating in, before blending prior to the dry granulation or direct compression processes.

We generally recommend pharma dispensing by gravity wherever possible to not only simplify the process but also to avoid using vacuum transfers with its associated burden of cleaning. 

The Matcon discharging process is automated which can reduce valuable wasted time in handling small bins at pharma dispensing.

quick & easy operation

This module is designed for ease of cleaning, but quick changeovers are possible using change-out parts that can be cleaned off-line.

Through the floor dispensing into an IBC
Features at a glance
  • Closed connections.
  • High accuracy weighing.
  • Interlocked solution to validate what is dispensed.
  • Single-floor or through-floor versions.
  • Custom designed to suit your facility.

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