Tablet Inspection

A full tablet or capsule batch can be gently transferred with minimal operator intervention, saving significant operator time compared to traditional drums.

Instead of manual feeding the Tablet Inspection equipment, a full coater batch can be automatically fed from a Tablet IBC.  By not splitting the batches it reduces the number of connections to make/break and container movements.

This reduces operator involvement and means it can be conducted as a closed process in line with GMP.

more ergonomic

Tablet IBCs enable automation of the transfers, reduces the number of movements between process steps and labour for operators.

Features at a glance
  • Large batch transfers possible.
  • High processing efficiency.
  • Gentle tablet handling design.
  • Single-floor or through-floor feeding capability.

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A Better Way To Handle Tablets Using IBCs

Handling tablets in larger batches reduces labour to move containers and make/break connections. It leads to improved control and traceability.



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