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Tablet Coating

Tablet coating is a process step where the benefits of handling a full batch in a single Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) are significant.  Compared with traditional drums, considerable time can be saved during loading and unloading the coating system.

By elevating the IBC on a Pillar Lift, or feeding from the floor above, the full coating batch can be automatically loaded into a batch coater in a matter of minutes.

This replaces the time-consuming hand feeding required when using traditional drums and vastly improves the OEE rates of the coater.  The IBCs can be sized to match coating batches – one batch in one IBC.

Improved safety

The automatic operation of the IBC removes the burden of manual handling which risks operator health & safety.

With one batch in a single IBC there is no need to track multiple drums around the system, thereby reducing the risk of error.

Tablet Coating Equipment
Features at a glance
  • Quick filling of the Coater in minutes.
  • Match IBC size to coater capacity.
  • Reduces the number of 'open transfers'.
  • Single-floor or through-floor versions.
  • Custom designed chutes and other connections.

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A Better Way To Handle Tablets Using IBCs

Handling tablets in larger batches reduces labour to move containers and make/break connections. It leads to improved control and traceability.



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