Pharmaceutical Cleaning Line

Specialist Pharmaceutical Cleaning

Any system needs to be thoroughly cleaned between batch changes.  IBCs are cleaned off-line which allows processes to continue with fresh, clean IBCs – reducing downtime compared to fixed mixer systems.

With smooth product contact surfaces, a single piece Cone Valve and no moving parts, the Matcon IBCs enable quick, easy and effective cleaning and drying.

variety of solutions

Matcon offer a range of cleaning systems from a simple, manually positioned wash lance to a complete automatic wash station.

Cleaning of both the stainless steel powder handling IBCs and the polyethylene Tablet IBCs can be carried out using the same equipment.

Wet Wash for IBCs
Features at a glance
  • High pressure nozzle sprays water in repeatable pattern.
  • Validatable cleaning procedure.
  • Automatic cleaning of valve in position.
  • Clean-in-place solutions available.
  • Options available on automation & controls.

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A Better Way To Handle Tablets Using IBCs

Handling tablets in larger batches reduces labour to move containers and make/break connections. It leads to improved control and traceability.



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