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Managing the Risk of Downtime - What spares should you hold onsite?

Over time, even the hardiest of equipment needs regular maintenance and replacement parts. In the early days of a system’s life, most production facilities are covered by warranty or maintenance contracts. However, to reduce downtime in production we recommend that manufacturers hold certain common, replaceable parts on site. Have you considered which spares you should store onsite, ready to use, to ensure you do not have to halt your production waiting for a spare part to be delivered? Also, do you have an engineer trained onsite who can fit your spare parts?

The cost of downtime in production and the ricochet effect on the customers you supply is high. Safeguard your production facility by being prepared before you get caught out.

It is vital that your operations run constantly, consistently and without unscheduled downtime. Along with annual servicing the common agreements that equipment suppliers offer are: all-inclusive maintenance packages or specific modules such as servicing, refurbishment and upgrades. However, it could take time to receive a certain part. Matcon strive to have available as much equipment and spare parts needed by our customers, but with all the will in the world, this is not always possible. Once ordered we deem it best practice for our customers to hold some parts in-house.

Our Customer Recommended Spares List

While we understand that manufacturers don’t want to use valuable factory space storing parts, it is necessary to reserve a few essentials just in case. Speak to your local Service Account Manager (SAM) so they can advise you on which spares to carry matching your equipment.

Original is Always Best

(OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Although there may be lower cost alternatives, how can you be sure that these will be:

  1. Rigorously researched and developed parts ensure correct fit, no leaks, spills, or worse contamination issues

  2. Not damage or reduce the life of your equipment and invalidate your warranty

  3. Have a reliable delivery time/availability of stock

  4. Meet the required safety standards

  5. Be made of the same durable materials as the original part

If you are concerned that any of your equipment has been compromised by non-original parts or unqualified engineers, get in touch with our team at the link below. We would be happy to visit your site to carry out an equipment assessment.


Most Popular Requests for a Site Visit

Unless an urgent matter, many customers are too busy or feel that they shouldn’t bother us with minor queries or issues. No matter how big or small your questions, we are always happy to help new and old customers alike, with no obligations bestowed.

Don’t worry if you have a problem that urgently needs resolving, there is no cause for concern, we have support teams located all around the world who can with you when required.

We want you to get the most out of your machinery from yielding the most efficient production techniques to maintaining that your equipment is long lasting. Protect and guarantee the reliability of your equipment by storing and using only original, branded parts, fitted accurately, cleaned and maintained regularly.

At Matcon, we continually test and update our equipment and components, so your production can continue to run smoothly day after day. No establishment can afford to stand still, our service account managers provide advice on upgrades, parts, maintenance offerings and to advise on your individual needs based on your individual manufacturing processes. After 35+ years’ experience, we work with you to provide detailed, technical support and can recommend ideal service intervals for your specific system needs, so do get in touch...

Contact Your Local Service Account Manager  Speak to us about spare parts and servicing your Matcon equipment  Contact the Matcon team
Posted by Matt Baumber


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