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Preventative Maintenance, Is Your Equipment Covered?

As with all equipment, if well looked after, it will look after you. With regular servicing and cleaning, your machinery delivers fast, reliable and consistent results day in day out. Due to care and attention, you can prevent issues from occurring and we all know that prevention is better than cure (cheaper too). Stopped production is a costly experience that we could all do without. Whether you are a small or large sized manufacturer, Matcon provide advice, support, maintenance and training to suit all your needs. Find out more about our preventative maintenance programme with a difference.

What Do You Do When Production Stops Due to an Equipment Fault?

Depending on your situation, age of machinery, in-house technical engineering availability and access to parts this could be a quick, straightforward fix. Or it could be a costly nightmare and one in which the customers you supply are seriously affected.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • If you have a maintenance plan, it’s as simple as a quick phone call to us.

  • If you have an engineer on site, they discover the fault and you have the spare part, it could be from approx. 30 minutes to a day’s downtime.

  • If you don’t have the part or a capable engineer on site it could take days or weeks to get back up and running, which is a lot of costly downtime.

  • If the part has to be shipped from over-seas… let’s not go there!

We understand that you want to be receiving good return on your investment and gaining all the benefits of e.g. an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) system from implementation onwards. Meet our team and begin developing an individualised plan that suits you and your facility. Our team of experienced Service Account Managers (SAMs) and how they can help you are in this previous blog.

A Preventative Maintenance Programme with a Difference

Basically, we are there for you, from installation and beyond, providing you with regular site visits and support for your Matcon system. We make sure that your equipment remains in optimal working order to consistently perform for you. Our technical engineers can train your in-house engineer and onsite team, so you don’t have to rely on us for every minor issue, although we are there for when you need us.

Your Programme Covers

  • Regular, scheduled site support
  • Priority call outs for breakdowns and other urgent requirements
  • Discounts on spare parts
  • Training for your operators on equipment usage
  • Training for your technicians on routine maintenance checks
  • Guidance on strip down and rebuild of equipment
  • Equipment checks
  • Reporting on preventative maintenance actions
  • Help with system sequences, automation set up, controls, software modifications or problems if any occur
  • Review of replicable parts in line with our recommended change out program
  • Detailed site visit report with actions and recommendations
  • Advice on product upgrades and best practices
  • Information of best practice cleaning and necessary lubrication (in the general context of maintenance activities associated with good running of machinery, e.g. filters etc. not process cleaning for production

Customer’s Top Tip:

“We appointed a ‘Champion’ who over-saw the system installation and was the primary contact involved in our maintenance programme. Whenever we were unsure about how to do anything the right way, needed operator training days, new parts ordering or advice on a new software integration, our champion organised the site visits with Matcon so our production line continued to run smoothly throughout the process.”

If you’d like to set up a maintenance programme that suits you or have any further questions for our after sales team please get in contact.

British Bakels Ltd Case Study  Find out how British Bakels Ltd reduced cleaning time and increased throughput.  Download the case study

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