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Join Matcon’s Powder Handling Experts at PMEC India 2019

Following the success of the show in 2018, Matcon will again be attending P-MEC in Delhi next month.

Along with colleagues from our team in India and the wider IDEX MPT Pharma Group, we will be available on stand 11.C30 to discuss any new projects you are working on in OSD or API and will be happy to answer any questions you might have relating to powder handling issues in your current facility.

8 Reasons to meet the Matcon team at P-MEC India 2019

With our knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical markets’ applications and challenges spanning more than 20 years, we can demonstrate how Matcon’s approach to powder handling can help you increase efficiencies, flexibility and reduce waste.

Here are some further reasons to come and speak to the team at P-MEC India 2019

  1. If you are using drums to move tablets between compression and coating, come and see how a simple ‘one bin, one batch’ approach could give you the same throughput with fewer coaters and save manual tipping time.

  2. Do you have to slow down your compression machine due to the inconsistent behaviour of granules feeding it? Visit our stand to find out how our Cone Valve technology provides a more consistent feed and will allow you to increase your compression machine output.

  3. Does your free-flowing product tend to segregate during feed to compression or capsule filling? Learn how we can prevent funnel flow and ensure mass flow with our equipment to deliver improved product quality and reduce product waste.

  4. Want to learn more about your local manufacturing options? Sushil Rajguru and Prasad Shetty can share information about our local manufacturing capabilities within your region.

  5. Do your products get stuck in containers or are you experiencing poor or inconsistent flow of product? We want to ensure that you don’t have to tolerate poor powder handling practices such as bin hammering, rat holing, bridging of powders or blend segregation. Our team can solve these using the Matcon Cone Valve.

  6. Learn more about best practice, from factory design to production flow. We can even explain a gentle and efficient way of discharging a blended product from the bin through-floor to the compression machine.

  7. Does your facility have ambition to improve throughput? Learn how our materials handling practices would help you to improve your process and plant efficiency.

  8. Get to know your local team. At P-MEC, we are pleased to be joined by colleagues from across the IDEX Materials Processing Technologies division, Fitzpatrick, Quadro and Microfluidics. Matcon have a team of dedicated Powder Handling Experts based in India who will be available during P-MEC to answer any questions.
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Posted by Richard Lockwood


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