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6 Steps to Industrial Powder Mixer Cost Saving

What if you could cut out the cleaning and downtime from your production line?

What if you could mix 3 or 4 recipe batches an hour instead of per shift?

Manufacturers are amazed by the amount of time and money they can save by investing in the right, flexible manufacturing equipment.  The key to it is to select the right powder mixer/blender. Get that right and you are on the way to making significant savings. Here are just six ways you can save money and keep ahead of your competitors.

Save Money and Keep Ahead of Your Competitors in 6 Moves

  1. With a container-based mixing system, there is no longer a need to mix more than has been ordered so your WIP and inventory will be reduced.

  2. Due to a reduced inventory, less storage space is needed therefore saving hundreds of square metres of warehousing space.

  3. Also with reduced stock storage, there is less wasted product that can go out of date or written off due to changing trends in the market etc.

  4. With just one IBC blender you can replace five static industrial mixers thereby reducing floor-space and capital.

  5. With less mixers, there is a cost saving in reduced maintenance.

  6. Container blending also means there is no cleaning necessary between batch changes, saving labour costs and with the right container, there is less wasted product washed down the drain if all the product is discharged properly.

For more tips on blending and realizing increased efficiencies in your manufacturing process visit our industrial mixing resource.

Enabling Manufacturers Flexibility at the Mixing Stage

The versatility of IBC systems is a game-changer Different size IBCsin the world of powder handling and blending. Matcon IBCs come in a range of sizes from 300 to 3100 litres, which when combined with the ability to fill each vessel to between 25-75% of the volume, gives a greater range of batch handling capabilities. What’s more, the design of the IBC Blender enables a system of adjustable spacers to be used so that a single blender can accommodate a range of IBC sizes, which can be matched to varying batch quantities.

There’s no longer the necessity to have a range of different sized fixed mixers to cope with your small to large volume batches. 

Nothing sits idle – all of your Bulk Powder Material Handling Systems and Equipment is working to provide you with a strong return on investment.

IBC blending brochure

Why Matcon Systems Have Proven Their Worth

Over the years at Matcon we have carried out many, many tests in our testing facilities around the world. This has enabled us to ensure we design the right manufacturing system to suit our customers’ needs. We are proud to have assisted in them improving their productivity figures and ensuring a quality product every time.

Matcon continues to help manufacturers increase their range of products whilst retaining a high-quality assurance standard. Find out more about how Matcon can help you improve your blending flexibility by downloading our whitepaper.

Improve Manufacturing Flexibility  with Better Blending: How to create a manufacturing system  that gives you a competitive advantage Download the free whitepaper

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