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How to increase flexibility without compromising on quality

Published on 07 September 2016


Identify the weakest link in your production facility and see how it is slowing down all the other processes.

A leading Beverage mix company in Malaysia has been able to produce as much product from their IBC system in just 1/6th of the time it took in their old dusty fixed mixer system that they replaced.

Industrial powder blending

Blending their mixes in an IBC Blender not only produces a homogenous blend (vital for consumer satisfaction) but also removes the need to clean down between batches. The Blender is immediately ready to accept the next IBC regardless of whether it is a different recipe, which gives them the ability to ‘mix any recipe, any time’ and has given them the full flexibility they needed to fulfil orders on demand. This means that there is no longer any need to keep vast stocks of inventory to meet an order, a saving in terms of both capital and potentially wasted product.

IBC Blender at Leading Beverage Drink Mix Company

The company owes their success to innovation, and have been at the forefront of developing instant coffee with herbal additives. With the manufacturing flexibility of their new IBC facility they are well positioned to take on new contracts & expand their business even further. Their new system has enabled them to reduce costs and blending time, improve productivity and enhance food safety and quality.

If you are interested in doing the same, take a look at our recently published article from Asia Pacific Food Industry magazine,  which describes in further detail both how to implement an IBC system, but also the benefits conveyed. 

Read the full article in APFI here
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