Key Facts For Owners/Managing Directors

Matcon solutions have enabled our customers to innovate and keep ahead of the competition.  

The Cone Valve technology has given them a future-proof solution, built for tomorrow’s consumer demands.

Expandable, robust and easy to maintain – a Matcon system will deliver a favourable return on your investment in the long term.

Don’t just take our word for it

We work with both the big multinational household names, but also the local companies around the world.  The only differences being the scale of the system implemented.  We give each customer a system befitting their needs.

Whether it be reducing maintenance costs, production costs or gaining a market edge, we have been helping our customers since the 1980’s.

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Typical Returns Achieved

Every company is unique with different needs and varying practices. From newly integrated plants to modernistic improvements, we take the time to understand your individual goals and tailor a solution to deliver the best ROI.

Potential Efficiencies

Automation reduces operator costs and lessens the risk of human error.

Cone Valve technology protects the homogenous blend and delivers superior product quality.

Air washing and hygienic EHEDG design reduces the danger of bacteriological contamination.


Impact on Unit Profitability

A compact system reduces the need for factory space.

Cone Valve IBCs reduce waste in the system and improve cash utilisation.

The ability to make to order reduces the need for WIP or Inventory, saving on stock levels & warehousing space.

Typical ROI

By cutting waste at all levels the cost/kg of the final finished product is significantly improved.

Reduced cleaning times from 480 hours to 70 man hours have been achieved.

Inventory can be eliminated which then releases cash in the business.

Labour costs have been significantly reduced by virtue of system automation and lesser cleaning burdens.

55% reduction in Manufacturing time with better mixing efficiencies.

A modular system design allows for easy expansion as the business grows, simply add on more modules to meet the production demands.


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Case Studies

We have helped companies worldwide create flexible, first-class, hygienic manufacturing plants.

Over the years, we have worked with both large multinational household names as well as smaller, locally-based companies.


Image Holdings


Implement an upgrade in their manufacturing practices to stay competitive and be a leader in their industry.



Hero Baby Food


Replace the cumbersome pre-mixing in fixed mixers which was creating bottlenecks in production & reducing flexibility.



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Case Studies

Read on to discover how we help companies around the world create flexible, agile manufacturing plants.



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