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Does Your Powder Handling Equipment Need A Health Check?

Many facilities wait until they encounter an equipment problem before looking for a solution, rather than proactively planning ahead. Every minute and hour that goes by means money is lost, product can be wasted and your reputation can be damaged. Don’t let it get to this stage.

At Matcon we offer all our of customers onsite equipment checks to help troubleshoot issues before they become problematic. Contact our Aftersales Team today to arrange your onsite visit and read on to discover the benefits of our Aftersales Support Service.

Matcon’s Aftersales team are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction before, during and after the installation of an IBC system. It is however important to conduct checks throughout the use able life of the equipment.

Our Primary Check - Is Your Equipment Still Safe?

The most important area we check for is safety; for example, is your equipment:

  • set up/installed correctly?
  • stable and in a suitable location?
  • are safeguards in place?
  • free from deterioration/defects?
  • used for the correct purpose?
  • used by trained operators?
  • sealed with no leaks?

Are You Using The Latest Design?

If you’re using older equipment there could be efficiencies and savings achieved by adopting a new design which our team will help you realize, stage by stage.

Our experienced engineers can advise on areas where new or updated machinery can be replaced to enhance operations. A good example of this is up to date control system to your original machinery with enhanced functionality and traceability, as well as current components to ensure continued spares availability.

Equipment Upgrades:

Manufacturing techniques are continually developing, so you may want to consider upgrading to the latest tech to get ahead of your competition. We provide an ‘upgrade service’ that will help you determine which parts would benefit from replacement. This approach future proofs your initial investment cost and increases your production approach.

Expanding Facilities

We keep detailed records of every Matcon order, so if you ever need an additional production line or extra equipment to match existing Matcon lines, the team is able to quickly respond with expedited lead times on quotations and equipment supply.

Onsite expertise

Our technical engineers will ensure you are up to speed with Matcon equipment functionalities and where necessary can assist with the identification of spare parts for you. While onsite they can also train your operators, talk through any issues you might have and more.

Reporting and FDA Friendly

Are you aware of changes in current legislation, whether HSE, ATEX or Food Standards? Our Aftersales team can help you get up to date and ensure you are adhering to the latest regulations. We also offer full inspection reports for auditory purposes.

The FDA looks for well-documented and fully maintained equipment, regularly inspected by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We carry out these maintenance visits usually on a yearly or twice-yearly basis for most of our customers. This offers both peace of mind and reassurance that everything is in place to prevent costly spells of production downtime.

To ensure that your production line is running as smooth and as swiftly as it should and to prevent production downtime contact one of our Aftersales team for your onsite check.

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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