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A Phased Approach to Growing a Food & Nutrition Manufacturing Facility

Food and nutrition manufacturers need to increase production in order to grow their business, but not all have the budget or space to expand their factory building. There is a solution that you can apply to your facility with simple phased steps. In this 2nd part of our blog series on increasing production in a smaller space, we walk you through this phased approach to implementing a flexible manufacturing system into your facility.

We understand that any changes to an existing production line involves investment in time and money. It is easy to put off even the most fundamental upgrades to equipment but if these changes were: 

  1. Obviously going to save costs, improve quality, increase production and revenue. You know the upheaval and initial investment significantly out-weigh the benefits.
  2. Could be proven to work for your specific ingredients, in your facility before the project commenced.
  3. Would be implemented in satisfactory phased steps.

The Solution to Increased Productivity Without Expansion is…

Introducing a mobile, contained system.

Imagine being able to pre-fill, blend your ingredients, pack and clean all at the same time! In using IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) which are sealed mobile units that come in a variety of sizes (from 50L to 3500L) all of these processes can be actioned simultaneously saving so much time.

process flows for food and nutrition manufacturing

Please, read part 1 in this blog series to see diagrams and more info about your specific time savings: 'How to Grow Your Food & Nutrition Manufacturing Without Facility Expansion'.

After working with a tremendous number of manufacturers over 40+ years, supplying the best equipment solutions, we have learned what works best for food and nutrition manufacturers. This is why we provide a pre-proven, phased approach to implementing a flexible production process. This method removes the usual risks involved with investing and implementing new equipment.

Our Phased Approach

This step by step method means that we/you can stop at any moment of the process if you consider improvements are not possible or won’t work with your specific recipes.

Our Phased Approach looks a bit like this:

  1. Information Gleaning

You tell us about your product, operations and facility layout and any issues you’d like to solve e.g. you’d like to increase your production levels but feel that your operators and processes can’t work any faster or more efficiently than they do currently (we are always happy to prove the efficiency of our equipment).

  1. Site Visit

If we feel efficiencies could be made, we’ll visit your site to walk your factory floor and make an audit to understand your business, chat to you and the operators that have hands on experience in the day to day running of your facility.

  1. Technical Proof

Seeing your specified equipment in action, blending your actual product provides a huge amount of re-assurance for manufacturers. If you need proof of concept, testing can be arranged at one of our global testing facilities using only your recipe and the specified equipment. You can analyze your tested, final product for the data you need. 

  1. Historic Data

In our 35+ years, we have collated vast amounts of data on numerous products produced around the world. This archive can be tapped into to see any similarities with your ingredients and how challenges have previously been over-come and efficiencies made.

  1. Objectives

We work with you to set your goals and quantify them e.g. double tonnes of product by next year / increase ROI by X etc.

  1. Road Map

We create a road map of your current manufacturing line-up compared to how your future system could look. 

  1. Implementation

When you feel confident in your decision, we can facilitate a gradual roll-out of equipment or a total switch, if preferred. And as part of one of the World’s biggest multinational manufacturers (IDEX) you have the assurance that the system you put in place will be supported for years to come. 

Every Customer is Different

From your batch sizes, the type of powders being processed, the location of your facility and the nuances of your current system. Even differing recipes, the origins of your source materials, particle size and texture of your powders, influence your end product. Knowing your existing manufacturing processes is the only way to ensure we deliver what we promise, which is why every engagement begins with a thorough audit of your needs. 

If you would like to start this journey, please contact our team so one of our Application Specialists can reach out to understand your objectives, issues and concerns.

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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