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The Best Way to Protect Your Top Quality Powder Ingredients

If you're using top quality ingredients in your products you need to look after them well.

We’ve noticed how many Sports Nutrition manufacturers are highlighting the fact that they are using top quality ingredients in their products. Of course, if you are using the best, then it is absolutely vital that you have the right manufacturing system to sensitively handle these elements. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste them.

You need to ensure that the expensive, value-adding ingredients aren’t ‘lost’ during the manufacturing processes.




Have you ever considered what you might be leaving behind in the blender?

Although it might look as though most of the material has been emptied, often residue is left behind in the blender, clinging to the sidewalls, shaft, paddles and bearings, which is then washed away during cleaning. This is valuable product that costs money and shouldn’t be flushed down the drain.

Avoid wasting valuable product

Another area of loss is if the batch is compromised in any way. Without good housekeeping practices and thorough cleaning there could be a risk of cross-contamination from previous recipes. If this happens then there can be no option but to scrap the entire batch. At what cost? Otherwise, you risk transferring unwanted allergens into a non-allergen product.

Having invested money in top quality raw materials, then time in recipe formulation and blending, you need to be careful about how the homogenous blend is transferred from blender to packing. Ill-treated blends can quickly become segregated and de-mixed. If this happens then expensive rework will be needed, or at worst, the entire batch might have to be scrapped – a significant write off.

If you have any of these concerns then give us a call to see how we have helped food companies around the world solve these issues.  

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