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Matcon improves efficiencies for leading spice mix manufacturer

An industry leading supplier of food ingredients and a food consultant specialist have seen a substantial improvement in production line efficiencies, following the implementation of the Matcon IBC System.

The spice mix manufacturer have transformed their original offering as a supplier of raw materials, positioning themselves as a genuine partner whose expertise can be utilised by their global customer base to promote success.

The need

To enable the manufacturer to maintain their industry leading position, they identified the need to invest in a more flexible and intuitive system. Their existing system consisted of eight conical mixers, coupled directly to Auger fillers. This inefficient static production process resulted in extensive manufacturing downtime between recipes, and a large inventory due to running ‘campaign’ production.

This coupled production line created a costly manufacturing process, that was unable to meet diversity or consumer demands. To rectify this issue, the company identified the need to invest in a more agile and flexible system. The spice manufacturer approached Matcon to implement their IBC powder handling system, to provide them with an efficient and lean manufacturing process, that was able to meet demand.

The Matcon System

Matcon implemented their unique IBC system, with Cone Valve technology, providing the spice manufacturer with full traceability and batch integrity throughout their production process.

Working alongside the manufacturer, Matcon tailored the design of the system to incorporate three of the existing conical mixers. The addition of these three mixers to the Matcon system, provided the manufacturer with an efficient production process for large volume recipes, that required minimal changeover. For all other products, the Matcon IBC Blender was implemented, creating a separate production line suited to diverse smaller batch products, that require a fast turnaround.


The unique Cone Valve technology in each IBC provides the company with a manufacturing solution that is able to effectively control the flow of ingredients, ensuring quality product, and reducing the volume of waste and manual handling. The agile and flexible manufacturing process provides the manufacturer with an efficient system that is capable of meeting the demand for regular recipe changeover and consistently producing optimal product to a high quality, with minimal overheads and downtime.

A senior team member of the manufacturing company said of the new system:

“The Matcon IBC Blending system is far more versatile than our previous mixers. We have had superb support dealing with initial teething problems and now have an ideal factory for our flexible manufacturing needs”

Powder handling experts

Matcon are at the forefront of resolving the issues faced by manufacturers when working with powder recipes. Their unique IBC system was designed with lean manufacturing in mind, providing operators with optimal control over their product at all stages.

Matcon’s cutting-edge Cone Valve technology, is trusted by industry leaders to consistently produce quality product, whilst maintaining a flexible approach to manufacturing. The Cone Valve has been proven to give full control of the flow of a wide and diverse range of powders, from pharmaceutical to food grade, providing users with future-proofed manufacturing capabilities.

With over 35 years of experience in resolving manufacturers’ powder handling issues, Matcon have seen even the most complex of problems, and solved them. Their unique, customer-led approach, guarantees that implementing a Matcon IBC is as simple as possible, ensuring that all systems are tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

To find out exactly how the Matcon IBC system is helping industry leading manufacturers to improve efficiencies and meet consumer demand, including the process implemented for the spice manufacturer, download the case study below.

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