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Find a Matcon Test Plant Near You

Whatever your industry, you’ll need to test new products or seek ways to increase the efficiency of your powder handling system. Testing allows you to purchase equipment with confidence that it will meet your expectations. This will help you to make the request for capital investment with validated, proven results.

Matcon test plants mimic a full-scale production facility, replicating actual factory conditions. Read on to discover what our test plants are used to prove, what equipment they include and where they are located.

Our test plants are essentially a mini manufacturing facility with life-sized equipment in an environment that replicates working conditions for testing your products. These mini-plants can be used to prove the above powder handling problems.

Examples are:

Our Test Plants are Used to Prove

  • Dispersal and homogeneity
  • Blending performance
  • Prevention of segregation on discharge
  • Accuracy and speed of dosing/packing performance
  • Levels of containment
  • Material flow and discharge capability
  • Cleaning capabilities for both wet wash and air wash
  • Gentle tablet handling
  • System interface/integration
  • Throughput and production capacity
  • Faster equipment cleaning reducing down-time

Prior to any testing, a feasibility study will be undertaken to ensure product suitability with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) submitted in advance for review. When handling and testing hazardous products, Matcon operate a strict Health & Safety management system which ensures COSHH analyses and chemical risk assessments are completed on all products.

After preparing tests on your behalf, you receive a comprehensive and confidential report with further recommendations on equipment setup, settings or design that you can use when carrying out full application.

You can test with confidence when making your capital investment choice by trusting this pilot manufacturing site to prove everything works with your specific ingredients before signing off.

Other Uses for Matcon’s Test Plants

  • Proof of hygiene/clean validation
  • R&D, product trials
  • Powder analysis tests
  • Training (safety, equipment maintenance, fixing, cleaning and best practices…)
  • Equipment space mapping
  • Time and efficiency improvements
  • Reduction of cross-contamination
  • Allergen Control best practices
  • Demos
  • Events

What Equipment is Provided in Matcon's Test Plants

Equipment held at most locations cover the handling of ingredients for: formulation, blending, high sheer, liquid addition, discharge stations (both with vari-stroke and standard hoppers), 2 x types of packing machine. Additionally, cleaning using two types of machinery (air and wet) and analytical equipment to diagnose the powders before a full test is conducted.

Matcon UK Test Plant

Laboratory equipment at each location assists in the analysis of material properties such as bulk density, angle of repose, flow-ability, drying properties and particle sizes. Our experienced team use these test results to create a detailed view of your product and define the key operating parameters and equipment settings needed to handle and process your materials appropriately.

Find a Matcon Test Plant Near You

Matcon can facilitate testing at the following locations:

Matcon Head Office, Worcestershire - UK

Delran, New Jersey - US

Suzho - China

We also offer trials located at your own manufacturing plant for testing under real environmental conditions, if you would prefer to use your own facility and equipment.

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