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Matcon Summer Volunteering with the Evesham Adventure Playground

Published on 17 September 2018


It's been another busy summer of volunteering at Matcon Head Office supporting local charities.

The Evesham Adventure Playground is a local charity close to the Matcon Head Office. Setup to ensure children, young people and families have the space to have fun together in an environment that challenges and inspires the mind and body, the Adventure Playground provides:

  • Indoor and outdoor play spaces, providing a safe place to play away from the dangers of the street.
  • Community pantry open daily – stocked with all the surplus food from local supermarkets otherwise destined for landfill
  • Over 3000 hot meals served during school holidays – tackling ‘Holiday Hunger’.

Over the past few summer months the Matcon team have been fortunate enough to help out on a weekly basis with a range of tasks from preparing the grounds to serving meals for themed play days.

Mowing, sweeping and building

Before the school holidays started, the Matcon team were pleased to spend a day helping to tidy up and re-build the outside play space to ensure that equipment and grounds were ready to welcome local families. The team had a busy day mowing lawns, decorating tree houses and re-laying decking.

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Helping with holiday hunger

For many parents on low incomes the school holidays can be a challenging time. The rising cost of food and days out often means they struggle to provide during the six week period.

1 in 3 parents have skipped a meal so that their children could eat during the school holidays.

To support the Adventure Playground, members of the Matcon team volunteered every Wednesday for the 6 weeks of the school holidays, helping with food preparation to tackle ‘Holiday Hunger’. With over 20 members of Matcon staff cooking over the 6 week period we managed to serve up over 3,000 meals and a few more deserts!

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The holidays are over but there’s more to come…

The summer holidays are now over but the contribution of our volunteers will not stop. We are already planning some new opportunities to further support the Adventure Playground including bike recycling, upgrading kitchen equipment and playground re-building. 

Posted by Jenni Cleaver