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The Matcon Allergen Handling Open Day

Following the success of our previous Open Day which focused on Allergen Handling in food production, we have decided to host another event on 24th October 2018.

We have another full day of expert presentations and test plant demonstrations planned at our facility in Evesham, UK. We are also pleased to welcome the following guest speakers:

Using NIR Sensors to Protect Your Supply Chain

Darren Machen - Product Manager at Scimed

Being able to rapidly detect raw materials entering a process is key in protecting a process. Mislabelling, errors in sampling and contamination will ultimately lead to an out of spec product. Having the ability to measure your product throughout the process will help identify out of spec material before it leaves the factory. Handheld Near Infrared sensors can help identify out of spec material in real-time.

Product Integrity

Adele Adams - Director at Adele Adams Associates Ltd

Product integrity has received much focus recently, including new Codes of Practice from some retailers, and is creating new challenges for the food industry. This presentation will aim to explain what is meant by product integrity and what is within the scope of these new assessments. A key aim of a product integrity assessment is to ensure that what is detailed on the pack matches what is actually in the product, which includes allergen free from or suitable for claims. This presentation will briefly explain how to assess product integrity threats and errors throughout the entire end-to-end supply chain.

Food Allergens from an Analysts Perspective

Pauline Tichener - Product Manager at Neogen

An in depth presentation providing an introduction to Allergens, highlighting current hot topics, the importance of clear labeling, potential new allergens to be aware of and explaining how the change in allergen thresholds will impact the manufacturing process of the future. Recent changes to legislation and the use of real case studies to demonstrate how poorly managed production lines and suppliers lead to increased risks will also be covered.

If you would like to attend or require further information then please let us know by emailing

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