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Webinar: How the changing needs of consumers affect manufacturers

How the changing needs of consumers affect manufacturing capabilities and drive change. Taking a look at how Matcon has helped the industry stay ahead.

In this webinar, we cover how the growing demand for more varied product recipes and new dietary trends is driving a need for process adaptability and flexibility. From developing existing products, to offer a wider range, to creating new products, Matcon continues to answer the needs of manufacturers handling powders. If you are a producer of a low volume, high variety product portfolio with a need to improve the flexibility in your process, then this webinar session is for you.

Originally driven by the food industry, manufacturers in the battery, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries are also recognizing a need to evolve and adapt their production methods. This webinar will highlight how implementing a Matcon IBC System creates a future-proof manufacturing system balancing high capacity efficiencies with true flexibility.

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The benefits of flexible powder production systems

The scalable modular design of Matcon's IBC System is perfect to expand upon as you innovate and grow your product portfolios to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. 

Implementing this type of flexible and intuitive production system brings with it many key benefits including:

  • Cone Valve technologyprovides automatic and controlled discharge of virtually any powder type without bridging, rat-holing and degradation, and protects blended powders against segregation during the discharge process, maintaining their integrity and quality.

  • Containment and dust-free handlingMatcon IBCs are fully contained throughout the filling, mix, and packing processes, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination, perfect for factories that face challenges handling allergens.

  • Maximized OEE and reduced cleaning downtime - recipe batches are mixed directly within the IBC with no product in contact with the Blender itself, eliminating the need to clean the blender and making product changeovers virtually instantaneously. Advancements in IBC tumble blender technology now allow manufacturers to add micro-ingredients and liquids to blends. Make to order and not to stock, free up inventory and improve cash flow.

  • Hygiene air and wet wash options and can be fully validated for approval by Regulatory Authorities. The air wash capability removes the risk of waterborne bacterial growth within the IBC, whilst a wet wash option can be employed to provide the cleaning power necessary to disinfect containers where allergens or sticky materials have been in use.

With many operational and financial benefits, including optimized process flow and reduced inventory costs, Matcon’s IBC System provides for maximum flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and ultimately, a better bottom line.

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