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IBC Ancillary Equipment


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IBC Ancillary Equipment

Matcon produces IBC Ancillary Equipment for various industries. Browse through data sheets for Matcon's Sistema de fijación de válvula and Carretilla transportadora de la tolva.


Sistema de fijación de válvula


Capping Station
  • Fits/removes a transport cap to the IBC outlet, locking and protecting the Cone Valve during transportation and storage outside of normal production areas
  • IBCs fitted with transport caps are certifiable to DOT 56/UN Chapter 16 for transport of hazardous goods

Cone Levelling Device


Cone Levelling Device
  • Validates the presence of Cone Valve ensuring optimum positioning of the Cone Valve in the IBC prior to filling.
  • Recommended when an IBC is filled under negative pressure or in a nitrogen purged environment.





Carretilla transportadora de la tolva


Hopper Transport Trolley
  • Enables simple removal and transportation of the central hopper (product contact) part of the Estación de Descarga IBC
  • In addition the Carretilla transportadora de la tolva has the facility to invert the hopper to provide easy access for cleaning or maintenance