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Matcon Head Office

Matcon Head Office


Matcon specialise in providing system solutions for handling and processing powders, granules and tablets. Our systems are based around using IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) to move materials around the manufacturing process steps.


About Matcon

Founded in 1980 in the UK, Matcon started with offering Discharger Valves to get difficult to handle materials to flow out of Storage Silos. In 1985 we developed the Matcon Cone Valve technology inside each IBC, which transformed the capabilities of IBCs in manufacturing. July 2012 saw us acquired by the IDEX Corporation where we are now part of their Material Processing Technologies division along with Quadro Engineering, Fitzpatrick and Microfluidics.

With a world-wide presence, we have delivered solutions for a broad range of manufacturers from Infant Nutrition and Food, to the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.



Matcon World-Wide

Today, with more than 30 years of experience in bulk solids & powder handling solutions, we are continuing to expand our offices, representation and customer base around the world. With offices in the UK, USA, Europe, South East Asia and China, we work with both leading Global Manufacturers as well as local producers. A world-wide network of Agents enables us to provide close customer support and service wherever our customers are in the world.


We are proud to offer full-scale Test Facilities on four continents, enabling our customers to fully validate the Matcon system.



Our Philosophy & Values

We are focussed on growth and building a culture of excellence, to deliver outstanding performance to our customers. Our core values apply to everything we do:

Matcon Head Office



Our Quality Assurance

We work in partnership with you on developing the concept to meet your business needs and offer testing of your specific materials in our Test Centres. To ensure that installation runs smoothly, we conduct rigorous testing of all the equipment in our own factory facility prior to shipping. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality system that provides long term satisfaction.



How you benefit

The Matcon systems have been proven to give a fast ‘return on investment’ with low maintenance costs. Given the decoupled nature of the IBC system they offer total manufacturing flexibility and the possibility to make to order.


The combination of the unique Cone Valve technology in each IBC and the Blender Intensifier means that no matter what you might want to manufacture in the future, you will have the ability to handle the ingredients and recipes effectively – a future-proof solution!



Our Corporate Responsibility

Health and Safety are paramount. We maintain safety programs that include annual training and auditing processes.


The core value of Integrity drives our trade compliance activities. We monitor trade policies and drive sound business practices world-wide to avoid corrupt business practices.





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