Washing Systems

Matcon produces industrial washing equipment for various industries. Browse through data sheets for Matcon's wash station, wash booth, service skid and discharge station clean-in-place hood

Wash Station


Wash Station
  • Washes Internal IBC surfaces
  • A series of fixed and moving high pressure jets ensure total coverage of internal surfaces of the IBC
  • The powerful jets provide the force to remove stubborn surface contamination

Service Skid


Wash Skid
  • Provides control of services (water, detergent and drying air) for IBC Washing and CIP Systems
  • Recipe driven, validatable control systems available

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Wash Booth
  • 清洗各种类型的IBC



Discharge Station CIP (Clean In Place) Hood


Clean In Place (CIP)
  • Use with the Matcon IBC Discharge Station as part or a complete CIP solution
  • Integral wash nozzles wash the Discharge Station probe and seal area

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