IBC Components


There are various ancillary pieces of equipment that are used alongside the Matcon Product modules and Matcon IBCs.



Automatic Docking Unit


ADU - Automatic Docking Unit


Offering automatic contained transfer of materials from bulk storage and process vessels to IBCs without operator intervention to remove and replace the IBC lids.


Discharge Station


IBC Discharge Station


Used for discharging the contents of an IBC, it provides automatic and controlled feed to a wide range of applications. Volumetric or Gravimetric in operation depending on needs. Clean In Place and nitrogen wash options available.


Flat Plate Discharge Station


IBC Flat Plate Discharge Station


Discharge Station Plate can be flush mounted with the floor to enable pallet truck loading and to achieve a clean finish when using through-floor transfer.


IBC Capping Station


IBC Capping Station


Used to fit/remove a transport cap to the IBC outlet, locking and protecting the Cone Valve during transportation and storage outside of normal production areas.


Hopper Transport Trolley


Hopper Transport Trolley


For the transportation of the central hopper part of the IBC Discharge Station following product contact. The trolley has the facility to invert the hopper to provide easy access for cleaning or maintenance.






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