Lean Powder Handling, Batching, Mixing and Packing Solutions


Matcon specialize in providing flexible and efficient solutions for handling powders,
granules, tablets and other materials in IBCs
(Intermediate Bulk Containers).

  •  Increased productivity
  •   Improved product quality
  •   Batch traceability
  •   Process efficiency
  •   Economic production

Matcon have a World-Wide presence and
customer base and the capability to
provide total IBC solutions, from single
component level through to complete
turnkey powder handling solutions.




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Boh Tea

Case Study - Boh Tea

Instantly improved quality & flexibility at Boh.

Established in 1929, BOH Plantations is the market leading tea grower in Malaysia...

Case Study - Heinz

A dynamic company providing top quality products

Heinz produces thousands of food products in plants on 6 continents...

Case Study: The Right Ingredients For Success In China

Founded 30 years ago, German food manufacturing specialist Stern-Wywiol Gruppe ...

Stop"Working with Matcon has been trouble free… Powder is conditioned, the metering is more accurate and the reliability of the entire system is improved."


Within Michelin facilities, the manufacturing process of a tire is extremely complex. Matcon Cone Valve Technology has been validated for the handling and the refill of the ingredients to batch metering devices….


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FoodTech Denmark
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