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Matcon Manual Cone Valve (MCV)

The Matcon Manual Cone Valve will add superior powder handling capabilities to your IBC fleet – overcoming the issues of core flow and particle rolling that are experienced with standard butterfly valves.

Designed for the Food, Beverage and Chemical sectors, the manually operated Cone Valve promotes mass-flow discharge of free-flowing powders preventing segregation of powder mixes and ensuring product quality.

The Manual Cone Valve can easily be fitted to existing IBCs and offers a cost effective way to add Cone Valve technology to an existing system.

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The Manual Cone Valve Advantage

Overcome the problems of powder mix segregation that are commonly associated with butterfly valves.

  • Easy fit to any flanged IBC outlet
  • Mass-flow discharge of powders
  • Prevent blend segregation
  • Manual discharging procedure
  • Complete discharge of free-flowing

The Cone Valve is lifted by pushing on the lever handle. As the Cone Valve rises inside the IBC, the annular gap created enables powders to exit under mass-flow.

All materials move at the same time so there’s no particle rolling and hence the quality of the mix is preserved.

The Valve can be fitted to any IBC outlet to provide a fast and simple way to discharge free-flowing powder bulk material.

Prevent powder segregation with manual discharge of powders.



Increase output

Avoid common powder handling issues


Prevent Rat-Holing


Maintain Blended Mix


Control Powder Flow

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