Add Liquid Additions During Powder Blending

A revolutionary development to expand the range of IBC powder blending.

Automatically inject liquids directly into a powder mix enclosed within an Intermediate Bulk Container during its blender rotation cycle, without manual intervention or the need to open the blending vessel.

remove the need for multi-stage blending

As consumer demand is continually changing, manufacturers must have flexible and efficient production processes to stay ahead of their competition. Until now, if a powder blend required liquid addition, it was necessary to use a Fixed Mixer, which can be difficult and time-consuming to clean between recipe changeovers.

Invented and developed by Matcon, our innovative Liquid Addition System expands the range of the IBC tumble blender and is well suited to industries that need the flexibility to mix a wide range of powder recipes in a contained and efficient manner.

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Liquid Addition During Powder Blending using an IBC

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